A New Day

I love my morning walk. Love. Today could not have been more perfect.

And it’s a new day!

Even after a night of getting up multiple times cuz the kids are all having congestion and drainage…and Enzo kept yelling every couple hours…

I still feel amazing this morning. 🙂

Possibly because it’s such a stark contrast to how I felt last night! 

Yesterday we had six house showings. Six. I cleaned the house to sparkling by 10:00 am, and the kids and I were out of there. 

1025161045 1025161106a

We drove to Burleson, looking at a house for sale (driving by) on the way. Which the kids hate by now. “Mom…we aren’t going to look at houses, are we??!” 🙂

Then we went to McDonald’s…ate nasty food, then they played (and played hard!) on the playground for an hour or two. Like, seriously…there are no comfortable seats in that playground area. And Enzo made me climb to the top of that contraption to get him. It was not made with pregnant women about to give birth…in mind. 

Then we had ice cream. And went home. We had an hour and a half or so, before we had to jet out of our house again. I tried giving the three youngest and myself a nap. Didn’t work very well. The four kids were all struggling with congestion stuff, and grumpy. And hungry. Again. And I was desperately trying to keep the house perfect, because we still had four more showings…

After a snack, we piled into the van again. This time we went to our local library. I must admit I enjoyed that quite a bit more than the groaty McDs!

1025161504a 1025161504


I considered the fact that maybe God was getting me to stop working and think about how fun it is to spend time with the kids…

Cuz it was fun.

Seriously, these are the best days of our life. Best. And possibly craziest.

By evening, my uterus was so tight, my back hurt. My feet were swollen. My entire body screamed to lie down. We spent the last couple hours at my friend Amber’s house. She is a life saver. She said we can just come over anytime. So next time we have showings? I’m not dragging my kids all over town. I’m going to Amber’s house. Amen. 

And that was yesterday. Today I requested no showings. I will rest. Sew. Cook. Hug my kids. At home. 🙂 I feel this amazing, free feeling! 


Seriously. Who would not want Craig on their roof?!



House hunting. And we saw this gorgeous, sort of nautical, dark gray house, with white trim. The house is too big and not for sale. 🙂 But the colors? Pick me!!


Coop painting. They LOVE coop.


Cauliflower curry with vinegared fresh veggies from the garden. 


Enzo playing with ants on the floor. 


This was after he got into ants outside, and had a ton of welts on his legs and feet! He just fussed a little. I was amazed. Tough Texas boy! (His sisters? Drama and shrieking with one, little ant bite…) 🙂


My local Nutrition store now carries Lily’s Chocolate Chips. There goes any food budget we ever had…



A few fuzzy, yellow pics of my living room after I invested $50 or so in some accents, and had it pristine and sparkling. So fun. 



Just matching with my Annabelle. (P.S. I’m kind of sad that we used the name Annabelle for Daisy. Because now we can’t use it for new baby girl, and I love it!)





He loves his stuffed animals. 🙂 And I love him…


When you’re not sure when you’ll get to cook again…


“Let me do this by myself!” Okay. Bath coming up…

And with that, I will leave you to enjoy your blessings today!



This past year has been…amazing, tumultuous, difficult, fantastic, full of love, life, and goodness. 

And this might just take the cake. 


On Saturday evening, our house and property went on the market. Yeah. With our consent. 🙂 

And I could have this baby in five weeks. 

Here is what led up to it. (Since this might keep you from saying…okay, officially crazy. No more friends with her…)

Over the year, God has moved us from our own other dreams, (missions, developing these lovely, 5 acres into a permaculture farm, etc.) to focusing on our business. He wants Craig in the business world for some reason, here in DFW, Texas. This all became more and more clear as the year went on. 

Along with that, the realization hit that this property will not work long term. We have terrible access. Seriously. Sometimes when it rains, I would not dare to take the van through the legal access road. It’s like a third world country. We have a short cut we have been able to use ever since we moved here three years ago. But we have no promise of tomorrow for that. And, a semi loaded with our roofing products still could not use the short cut. Amen.

So in other words, we have had to rent a shed for our business, and have no real impetus to turn this property into our dream home. Not anymore. There are a few other reasons that culminated in our being open to relocating. 

But it wasn’t even really a point of conversation between Craig and I. Then we received a letter in the mail, randomly, from a realtor wondering if we’d want to sell. 

And so that started things off! The market, here, is beyond hot right now. We should be able to sell for a good $50,000 higher than we bought it for three years ago. But the timing…I know…

Honestly, I could not do this without my amazing, sweet neighbor, Yolanda. I know very little Spanish, and she knows very little English, but we use google translate, motions, and she helps me so much! She was bored at home, saw that I was swimming in kids and housework and being pregnant, and she comes a couple days a week to babysit and/or clean and do housework. My life immediately took a turn for the better! 

But after having the house gorgeous and clean for one realtor Tuesday night, then our friend realtor whom we are going with, later in the week, as well as business friends that week for tea, and then the next week, getting the house ready for professional pictures…I was truly wondering if I’m in over my head. Keeping this house clean is a feat for only the brave and strong. And right now, I am not very brave or strong…

But God’s got this. I was spazzing around one morning about what we will buy. What if I hate it? I like this house! I made it my own! I have a lovely kitchen! I live in my kitchen! What if…what if….???!! And God said, hey, I have this. I know what you need and what you want. I am LOVE. I am GOOD. I’ll take care of you. 

Since then, I’ve had peace. Amen.

But now I’m heading into the first full week after listing. And we already had one showing yesterday, and one cancellation yesterday. Which means I had Craig’s help to get the house perfect, and to take the kids and leave while they came. This is Monday morning. We have another showing for this morning at 11:30. And seriously, I get only two hours of notice, unless I’m lucky. 

So when I’m not trusting God, I think…what about those times I am cooking up a storm, my kitchen is covered with things, my house is a tornado, and I’m exhausted and having a uterus that is screaming to lie on it’s side?

That’s where God comes in. And Yolanda. 🙂 🙂

But here I am, asking for prayer. Prayer for strength, peace, and rest. Right now. Prayer for God’s buyer to come, if He wants us to sell now. Prayer for direction to the right place for us, if He wants us to move in the next couple months. 

Thank you, dear friends!

Here’s the listing if you want to see our cute house. 🙂 (P.S. The feedback from the showing last evening was that the access road killed the deal, but the house was super cute inside! At least I know I’ve done my part…) 🙂




Nesting and Dreaming.

Last night before I went to sleep, I read a birth story in a fantastic book. Maybe not as wise as it sounds! I dreamed that I had my baby girl. That I was at a large conference either the day of or day after she was born. I kept waking up, feeling cramping, and thinking I may be in labor! Not as restful a night as one might wish. 🙂

Today, though…I have this sort of glow about my soul. I am so happy to be meeting my baby girl in another 6-9 weeks! I’m really excited. 

And I organized my laundry room (not inside the cabinets), and organized 4 closets! Two were intensive, with lots of stuff. Now I have a large pile of things to go out to the shed, a large pile of things to go to Goodwill, and a large trash bag full of trash! And a very happy feeling. Like, you know…you go open the doors just to see inside…


And then you look at your living room…and know that not everything was accomplished perfectly today… 🙂 🙂 


Tomorrow is coop. I still need to get the snack ready for all the kids, as it’s my turn. Thursday…maybe I can relax. We’ll see. 🙂

And as for other bits and pieces of life lately…



I decided to take one of the big three with me when I go on my chiropractor visits Thursday evenings. Daisy’s turn was first! We also had fun at Hobby Lobby, and then stopped for french fries for her to eat on the way home. She made sure I got fries for the other kids too! Daisy was created to bring joy to those around here. It’s just how she is.


And Enzo Shaviv…


He really is our spark of light. (Meaning of “Shaviv”) 


Here he is wearing clothes that were signature Bomani not so very many years ago. Aw, it made me so nostalgic! 🙂 


Random fun story. I needed more of these spatulas, or spoonulas as some call them. I found a pack of four on Amazon, but one was bright yellow, and another red…two colors that are not found in my kitchen! I’m a bit of a color coordinating freak, and wished they would all match my color scheme. But hey, good value, so I sent for them. When they arrived, there were four in perfect colors for my kitchen. Yeah! 


Going more THM in my food life is making a difference! This is usually when I just gain weight. I can’t move fast. And I’m hungry. But this way of eating really is helping me! I am satisfied and full and happy. 🙂 The “singing canary”, above, was a bit of a stretch, however… (think turmeric) 




A very healthy white bean cake, with collagen and protein powder inside! The ganache on top though…left from Craig’s party…was not perfectly healthy. It had some maple syrup in it. And I could not leave it alone. Like, I was eating it three times a day! It was perfect. Amazing. Finally I gave some of it away, the kids ate some, I ate my last bites, and that was the end of ganache. 🙂 It was easy to make! I heated heavy cream and poured it over chopped chocolate. 65% I think it was. Or maybe it was 85%. Then I sweetened it with stevia and maple syrup. Whisked it. Beat it. Cooled it. It was beyond…delectable…


When Enzo says “uh-oh!” loudly, you may want to check out what’s up. 




“Muffin in a Mug”. Sort of. 


Pizza with a lavash bread crust. 


The crusts came from HEB. My style. 🙂 But the inside? 100% lovely health. Okay, the heavy cream not a superfood. But it turned out really nice, and was sooo easy to make! And we ate both pies in one day. Oh my. 


Ready for church!





Science project! I made modeling clay out of baking soda, corn starch, and water. It was a bit sticky, but worked. 🙂 They are forming aquatic animals for a box we covered in blue paper. Fun! 


That picture is upside down, but hey…it’s been a long day. 🙂 


A large cookie. It wasn’t as delicious as it appears. Not all THM food is created equal. 🙂 


When I come home from town, Enzo lifts his arms, makes happy noises, and insists on kissing me, on the lips! Last time he was eating cottage cheese…



Baby choco chip frap. Except it was more adult than baby. 🙂 It wasn’t as lovely as it looks…as it was mostly ice and almond milk. But still fun!


I got up from my nap to find this! Storybook. Magazine. Love them. 


Have a blessed night!

The Surprise Party.

Before I ever had the slightest thought of Craig ever being romantically interested in me…one of the most annoying things about our sort of crazy, fun friendship was this: he seemed to intuitively know what I was thinking. He could tell me “really, this is what you want”. He could figure me out in ways that were not necessary! It made me want to knock him over the head. 


Then things changed. A lot. And we decided we liked each other. 🙂 And after a while…went ahead and got married! 

I no longer want to knock him over the head. I love that he understands me so well. I love that we have no secrets. I love that he can tell when I am excited over the top about something…

Except when I’m desperately trying to plan a surprise birthday party for him! 🙂 🙂 🙂 

A week before his birthday, I suddenly got this idea to surprise him with man party! Then I freaked out. Why? Because I run everything by him. He is my chief advice giver. He is so full of wisdom and amazing thoughts and ideas. He is the one who keeps my head on straight. Honestly, I get these hairbrained ideas. My head in the clouds, I totally see it working. I need someone to anchor me in this world down here. He doesn’t throw cold water on my wild life, he just…gives me fantastic stability. 🙂 But here I was…on my own…

What if no one would come? Okay, that was stupid. Of course people would come. But my biggest question was: could I pull this off? I am pregnant, in a no-joke kind of way. I don’t take anything extra on, at this point in my third trimester. 


Just to impress on you, in a fuzzy sort of way, the elephantine condition.

So, being more or less on my own, I decided to ask God about it…

Is this one of my hair-brained ideas, or is…this from You?

Instantly I knew/heard from God: This is from me. This will bless your husband. 

After that, we were in business! I invited about a dozen men. Almost all of them said yes. Then I freaked out about food. A dozen men! Help.

I decided to give them a cook-out. But I was not going to stick around. I was going to give them an all man party, take the kids, and leave. So I needed someone to grill the large amount of food I was going to buy/make! I felt very…unsure of what to do. I just wanted to ask my wise, chief advice giver! But I couldn’t. In fact, I was acting as though there was nothing happening. Nothing in my brain…

I catch on slowly. Finally, one day, I asked God: “Who can be in charge of grilling, and food stuff…??”

And immediately, like, the words were barely out of my mouth…God said, “Richard”. 

I just kind of sat there. Of course! I know him. I’m comfortable with him. He loves to grill. 

And thus the plans progressed. Once I could talk with someone about food, I felt more comfortable. I planned carefully ahead. Craig had a couple hours of work on Saturday. I would make the jalepeno poppers while he was gone, wrap the container in foil, and put a note on that “this is for the birthday, do not peek!” I always do fun, special food for his birthday. This was nothing new. Thursday evening we did an Aldi run. I grabbed a hundred jalepeno peppers, hoping he wouldn’t notice. (okay, more like two dozen) Sadly, they didn’t have portobello mushrooms! I’d get those at HEB…and at least he wouldn’t wonder why I was buying a hundred mushrooms… 🙂

It was strange not being able to really work ahead on this. I planned. I made notes. And Sunday, I hit the ground running. His birthday was on Sunday. And this, my friends, was not my day of rest for the week. 🙂 

Soon after 5:00 am, I realized that I was not sleeping. I was turning over and over, my third trimester hip pain killing me. So I said, “cool, I’m getting up!” So I got up, made two white bean, vanilla cakes. I baked three, round layers in my cheesecake pan. The fourth half cake I baked in a square pan for the potluck at church that day. Then the cakes cooled while we went to church. I knew baking a cake for Craig would not give anything away. I love making cakes as beautiful as possible. But this one…really…was going to be huge. I mean, a dozen men! I was making a three layer cake with chocolate ganache, which, by the way, the ganache part, I had never attempted before. I wanted a “mostly healthy frosting” sort of thing, not too rich, but that would hold up on a three layer cake. Outside. 

We went to church. Most of the men from church were coming. No one gave away the secret. 🙂 We had communion, which means potluck afterwards. Craig sat there and talked and talked…and I looked at the clock thinking, um…I have work to do, and I need to rest my back for at least an hour sometime today, and you’ll get to talk with these guys tonight! 

Ha ha!

We arrived home and I hit the ground again. I chopped 85% chocolate into small pieces, heated cream with stevia and maple syrup, and poured it over the chocolate. Then I whisked it until it was nice and smooth. The recipe said to give it an hour and a half to cool to room temp, so I went to bed. An hour later, I came out. I whipped it. And whipped it. And it would not thicken. I set it in a sink of ice water. I whipped it. It stubbornly remained rich, delicious, and very pour-able. 

I looked at the clock. Gave up. Poured more cream into a fresh bowl, added sweeteneers, vanilla, cocoa powder, and a bit of ganache as I whipped it into a lovely thickness. Now what? Plan two: I would use the whipped cream between the layers, and pour the ganache over the top. Hopefully, it would look…professional and amazing. What my husband deserved!


I was happy. 🙂 Except for the small detail that the cake, in my haste, was leaning slightly to one side. Which made the ganache all run one direction… 🙂 But hey, still so fun! And I had a hard time not just eating the ganache with a spoon…

I zoomed around, (I really did zoom, pregnant and all) cleaning up the house, at least the part you could easily see. Then I asked Craig if it’s okay if I run to HEB for some special food for his birthday. 🙂 This also was nothing new! We often get sushi or something special for Sunday evening. He was like…”sure!” And I was off. 

Burgers. Veggie kebabs. Buns. Portobellos. Plates. Charcoal…

I arrived home, and left everything except the ice cream in the van. Then I kept zooming, cleaning up, doing everything I could that would not look suspicious. The day before, while Craig was gone, the kids and I had cleaned up outside. I had scrubbed our only remaining outdoor chair. (Craig ordered two new ones with birthday money, and they are arriving one day too late!) 

Craig had picked out a slab of Parmesan cheese at Aldi Thursday evening, for his birthday. So now…I came home and he was eating it! I thought of the enormous meal coming…


And thankfully he did too. 🙂 Although he didn’t know it would be enormous! He wondered a bit why there were no visible preps for this meal! But hey, weird wife, so… 🙂

I suggested then that he could take the kids on a walk so I could…uh…get his surprise ready! This was all becoming so much fun. I could hardly believe that we had made it to this point. 🙂 He took the kids on a walk…and the men began to arrive. Eeeek! We did it! We pulled it off!

The rest is history, as they say. 🙂 Craig was quite shocked. And very happy! He deserved every bit of this party, and I was so delighted to give it to him. I took the kids, left the men to their hanging out and grunting or whatever men do, and we went to my friend Amber’s house. 


What fun! We were so blessed by everyone who came. And I am left with this glow…of having made my husband happy, respected, and delighted on his birthday. 

Now possibly I should go get some work done. 

Oh yes, I’m sort of crashing today. 🙂 Tired. And just want to sit down and do mostly nothing. So I am. 

And all I want to eat today is the cake. All day. That’s what happens when you make something that sounds good to you. And you’re pregnant. And they only eat half of the cake…


Joseph and His Twenty Years

Ladies…I’m so excited. 

So excited!

Because today, some of my huge, yelling questions were answered. 

Questions that shook my faith. 


I’m not talking about “my faith” as in, faith in believing in God. I’m talking about faith that God’s heart is only good toward us. That His heart is never for bad things happening for us. I’m talking about faith and expectation that good things will happen. That what He has said, He will do.

That faith.

How do I keep believing, when everything around me is…awful? How do I believe, when I believed, and nothing happened? How do I believe, when I believed, and more and more bad things happened…????

When God says, I will bless you in your business. And immediately following that, work dries up. For two months, no jobs, except for one tiny one. 

When I believe Him for healing my body, and my glucose numbers keep jumping around.

When I believe Him to bring home my estranged child, and my child continues to live in sin…away from the Father’s heart.

When we go bankrupt…

A very, very basic question in our souls, that at times howls into the storm…

Why is life so awful at times? Why do these terrible things happen? With a good, good Father…WHY?

And while that sounds generic, for so many of us, it’s intensely personal. Right now.

God gives us dreams. 

He gave Joseph two dreams. They were exciting, cool dreams.

That’s how God is. He has exciting, good things planned for us. Not just to make us settle into our seats and sigh happily and glide through life. Yes, He does want us to enjoy life and be happy. But He also has good dreams and plans for us for His work, His Kingdom, His being glorified.

I hear much about us bringing glory to God when times are hard. I am not discounting that. That is straight out of stories in the Bible. But there is the other part of this: and that is God gaining much glory, and His Kingdom expanding, when we are blessed, prosperous, and healthy.

When we receive.

John saw himself as “the disciple Jesus loved”. But Jesus did not love him more than the others! He loved them all! John received it.

But back to Joseph.

After Joseph was given these dreams, what happened?

His brothers sold him. 

And while He is standing there, stripped down, being sold on the block, God is saying…

This is a prosperous man.” 

And then what happened? 

Because he was honorable, strong, and pure, he was falsely accused and thrown into prison.

For years.

Bad thing after bad thing. Piled on top of the other. 

Year after year. They passed. He was not seeing anything even close to the dreams God had given him. 

Many years.

What did Joseph do? 

He served. He quietly served in prison. And when the Butler and the Baker became troubled with their visions, Joseph…

Spoke up. He was bold to help.

And he said, “God…God is the only one who can interpret dreams.” 

He gave them the interpretations, not being a people pleaser…he was honest. Good interpretation, and bad one. He gave it straight.

His faith in God? It was not shaken. All that time. All those bad things piling on top of each other.

And after twenty years…

twenty years

He saw his dreams before his eyes. He was prosperous. He was in a place of great blessing. He was in a strategic place of bringing great blessing to others, and incredible glory to God.

Dear ladies, stand strong. What God has said, He will do.

For me personally, I see that I easily focus on what God has said He will give me. Instead, He wants obedience. He wants to see me walking forward in faith. He wants me to serve. 

And! All these things will be added to you. 

This walk He has me on? It’s probably much more valuable and precious in His sight than anything He wants to give me. Any way He wants to bless me.

Keep walking. Don’t give up. Don’t let the enemy throw lies. Look at Joseph’s story…

And keep walking forward.

Much love to you…


Fall Leaves Wafting Gently in the Crisp Breeze

Ha ha! So we have no fall leaves yet. And not a lot ever. 🙂 And the breeze has not been crisp. But it sounded nice!

Truth is, the weather has moderated. And the result? (Besides this whale of a pregnant woman being happier without all that heat!) The kids play outside!!! I did change my strategy too. I used to send them outside for some play if they got too naughty in here. But then, of course, it was like a punishment. 🙁 Now I’m like…”Kids, you may play outside, if you don’t…get dirty!” Or something like that…and it seems like a privilege. It takes me a while to catch on sometimes. 


But mostly, this weather. So lovely. Still muggy and warm to me, but the kids are so happy out there! And right now they have this thing where they find treasures. Little bits of metal and screws and other junk. Thanks to previous tenants. 🙂 So now when Daisy comes to me with a look of delight and something in her hand, it’s not necessarily a ladybug or a worm. 🙂 It may be some rusty nails…


Yesterday was Coop. I was determined not to get grumpy by the end of the day…okay, even at the beginning. I’m doing this for my kids! And for me, yes. But the more pregnant I become, and the more my back goes downhill, the harder these sorts of days are. Lugging Enzo around and following him around is a big part of the work. After a really fun, good day there, I came home with my back crashed, and I said…hey, next time I’m going to see if I can leave Enzo with my neighbor Yolanda! It was one of those times when you pretty much know that thought came from Father God. 🙂 I’ll miss him, because it is fun watching him toodling around. He loves just walking around there. 🙂 But I won’t miss trying to get him to go to sleep when he’s mad and wants to keep toodling about. He yelled for like half an hour yesterday. Ack! And when he fights me, I feel more pregnant than ever. 🙁 🙂 


Craig and I talk about it that this is probably a “sweet spot” in our lives. The kids are little. They’re all with us… it’s just really cool. And it’s exhausting. We both agree on that too. 🙂 


I often look at Enzo toodling about the house, and I just…ache with happiness. He is sooo darling. I am thoroughly enjoying this toddler time. I feel that I missed some of the other kids’ fun toddler time because…well, I had three toddlers, and a whole lot of other things going on in my life right then. Now? Ahh…such peace and such soaking up of this baby. Love him. 


Yeah. This weather is so awesome! 




We’re all about umbrellas around here right now. 🙂 The kids often begged to play with our adult umbrellas. Finally we decided to let them work for some of their own! So they got to put paper dollars into a jar after working. They are so happy with their umbrellas! (And today it actually rained!)





I’m still sort of doing THM style food. If you want another fantastic cookbook, sign up for Briana’s new book at:



Most mornings, I now go on a walk. I leave as soon as it’s light. This is a fantastic part of my routine! Love it. 







This is when I talk with Father God…aloud.


This is where some pretty intense faith battles have been fought. 


The last one being my pregnancy glucose numbers. 


Really grateful for a patient, loving God.




This last picture was the last glorious beauty I beheld before I went back inside to my happy and screamy and exhausting life. 🙂 🙂 


Craig and I decided that every Thursday night, we will do an Aldi run and a chiropractor run to Burleson. This is because the Aldi run was becoming too much for my sad back. And seriously, if you do a large grocery run, it’s a lot of work! I’ll probably go by myself sometimes. But last night was a big run. We had fun. 🙂 



After Aldi, we went to McDonalds for ice cream and fries and a playground. 🙂 


And arrived home rather late. But happy. 


Today was amazing.

This family from Costa Rica moved into the house next door. Carlos and Yolanda both understand some English, but don’t speak it fluently. Anyway, Craig hired Carlos for the fall season. So Saturday evening he and his wife walked over here to chat about starting work on Monday. I instantly knew Yolanda was a lovely lady. The kind of lady I want to learn from! Daisy went and sat on her lap, which made her so happy. 

Monday evening Carlos told Craig that his wife doesn’t have much to do, and would like to help me in the house or with babysitting or whatever. And she doesn’t want to be paid. Eeeeek! Do you have any idea how very suddenly my entire next three months changed before my very eyes?!! I know the kids will love her. I already love her. And as I creak and groan more and more through my days…I won’t need to do it all alone. 

Really…it is God reaching out and pouring out His love in this gift. He is saying…I won’t let you down. I’ve got you. 

Always. He has you. But man, this world is not a perfect place to live! Just thinking of some of my dear friends…and the confusion of ongoing pain…

Things I do not understand. 

But He has us. 


Which brings us to the end of my random picture update. 

Peace to you this weekend. 


Pictures and Thoughts of the Morning


As fantastic as that looked…it was just a strange dish. I probably did not create it correctly, but let’s just say…not every thm meal is created equal!


Someone got into the watercolors!


I guess I am officially a trim, healthy mama. At least a mama, and mostly healthy. 




I wonder…why is faith such a big deal to God? I’ve wondered that before. On this blog. 


Right now I’m reading through the Gospels. At least until I get derailed by another book of the Bible. 🙂 


Faith is an enormous, weaving theme. Jesus healed people according to their faith. He did not do many miracles in His hometown, because of their unbelief. He asked the sick man, do you believe I can do this? When the man answered yes, He healed him. Then and there. 


Jesus went to the cross, and took all of our sins, and all of our diseases on Himself. And by His stripes, we are healed. 


It’s a spiritual principle that what we fear can come upon us. But when we live in expectation of the fantastic things God has for us, those come upon us. 


In expectation and hope. 


The Last Stretch

I’ll surrender to the power
Of being crushed by love
Oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh
Till the beauty that was hidden
Isn’t covered up
Oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh
Oh it’s not what I hoped for
It’s something much better

He’s making diamonds, diamonds
Making diamonds out of dust
He is refining in his timing
He’s making diamonds out of us

This song (above) makes me…cry these days. Okay yes. I’m pregnant, so I cry. 🙂 But heading into this last trimester…with the hundred running around, eating all the time, getting into fights, and Enzo still needing to be lifted up to change his diaper, put him into bed, and when he is throwing a fit… I can’t just…chill out. I have to keep going. Somehow, the last week, I have really slowed down. Everything takes double effort. My feet kill me. My back kills. My abdomen feels like it’s about to fall onto the floor in front of me. 

So, I have a rather magnificent abdominal separation. 🙁 It’s…big. Possibly from the twin pregnancy. Possibly because I’m a small person. So about now, when baby girl begins to grow wildly, everything starts screaming at me. So yesterday I went and bought a pair of very good shoes. And I wear them in the house now. That.Is.Not.Me. 🙂 🙂 I don’t do shoes! But it really does help me be able to keep going, so… yeah. And I also invested in two different kinds of maternity belts. The first one I can’t wear. So money lost. The second one is really taking it’s time coming. So I’m still hopeful. My chiropractor says I should try to wear one to keep the separation from…separating, I guess. And belly-binding post-partum, which is something I’ve never done, but right now it sounds lovely…just to have a belly again. 🙂 🙂 

Yesterday my back crashed. Really badly. My chiropractor had to work a while on me. Today I’m just a bit sore, but realizing my limitations. I can’t do my core exercises anymore because of the separation. So I walk most mornings. It’s lovely. And I have just a few exercises I can do. You know, when I feel like it. 🙂 This is why I end up being a lame pig by the end. Sigh. 

But yes. It’s worth it. All I need to do is look at my tubby little Enzo. And my other kids. Of course it’s worth it. But that doesn’t make it easy. 

So asking…in a long, drawn out manner, for prayer. I’m at 29 weeks. I have never gone full term, so I”m hopeful for a few weeks early. 🙂 With the separation, I carry low, so she won’t need to drop far. 🙂 🙂 

Still…looks like a long way off, when I have to push through my work every day. So I’m lookin’ to Father God for help. 🙂


A Picture Update


Craig coating the top of an RV! These are great little jobs. Big jobs are still cooler, though. 😉




I had a hard time not eating the cookie dough with a spoon. Okay, I did eat it with a spoon. 🙂 Recipe came from the Nourish cookbook. 



Got inspired one day to make a layer cake. It was so fun! This was a white bean vanilla cake. Frosting was made pink using raspberry jello. The sugar free variety. 







Breakfast and quiet time. <3


We are learning that radishes, cooked, can be good! Sort of potato like. Here I sauteed them. Didn’t make nearly enough. 🙂 


Earth milk. Only, I didn’t have whey protein powder, so it wasn’t very milky. Hard core stuff! 


“Good morning,” says Enzo! 




I made a sort of upside down pizza, with this low-carb topping. Craig and I loved it. 🙂 


Craig and I rearranged the living room furniture, and this is my new quiet time corner! I used to drive mom crazy with moving furniture around. But she usually liked it once I was done. 🙂 


Did I mention that I’m back to frying THMish pancakes every morning? It takes like half an hour. But when I want to scream about it, I think of how much I enjoy them, and I watch my kids light into them, and it’s so…nice. I make THM strawberry jam and we put that on top. It’s really good…


On Sunday I told Craig, I am not cooking or baking…I’m taking a break! Then I proceeded to make this pumpkin dessert after lunch. 🙂 


Sauteed green beans with almonds. Some soy sauce. Somehow, it really took care of a craving. 🙂 


Off on a day out all by myself!


After grocery shopping, etc., I went to the new Dwell Coffee & Nosh location in Burleson. Amazing!


Craig joined me and we had a date in the middle of the day!


Yesterday was Coop. Forgive the green picture. Credit’s to my lovely phone. 🙂 


Science experiment!




Art! They painted a water-color background of sunset. I thought Daisy was incredible. 🙂 





Then they painted a tree and spongepainted animals using stencils. With help. 🙂 


Hazel’s picture. So cool!


I’ll close with our favorite current kick. Avocado lime salad. 

Have a blessed week!