I’m Gonna’ Eat…

Off Whole30 for one week…Monday through Monday.

The funny thing is, I still have a desire to be careful of what I eat. But there is a delightful freedom to eat anything. :)

Today, Craig’s parents arrive!!

Today is Bomani’s birthday!

Thursday, we all head for Mexico!

It’s going to be a fun week…

And yes, it is 6:07am. But in reality, I’ve already been awake for an hour. Why? Because it got terribly windy and I woke up. Then I started thinking. This is never a good thing. So finally I said, why am I lying here thinking about all the things I need to do today, and how there are days when I get nothing done because of my darling children? No. I’m getting up now. I’m inspired!

And so I got up. Emptied the dishwasher. Started the laundry. And now I’m going to start cleaning things up…corners…hidden rooms…


The Rest of Sunday


Have I mentioned that I love Sunday? All ready for church…the perfect, little angels sit and look at books together. (Okay, this is…unusual…)


I love church. I love hearing God’s word there. I love fellowship afterward with friends.


I love an afternoon nap, with the window open…and breezes wafting inside.


I love having Craig home, work left behind, and just relaxing together, talking, hanging out, eating fun food, and playing with the kids…


I love my Bomani Leon. He is three years old.


Tomorrow he will be four.


I love the long evenings of Sunday. A special day.


I am so excited about the week ahead! And at the same time, I am savoring my Sunday…my day of rest and refilling.


I am also feeling the ever present, yet often in the shadows. Anja. Anja is not coming this week. I felt it building up. A gentle pain. Emptiness.


And then. Craig and I are sitting at the table, eating avocado salsa. I had told Bomani a couple days ago that grandpa and grandma from Kansas are coming. Now he comes over.

“Anja coming back.”

I feel it pushing to the surface, shock registering in my heart. But of course. He knows he hasn’t seen her for so long.

“No. I’m sorry. Anja is not coming.”

An almost desperation takes over.

“Grandpa, grandma, John, Anja!”

I’m crying inside…and it’s starting to come outside.

Craig…”Remember, Anja is with Jesus?”

He leaves unsatisfied. Surely by now, Anja should come back?


I don’t know. Anything.


Except that in my small world, there are empty, gaping holes. And it will be that way until my small world becomes heaven…until heaven invades


my small world.


In the same moment, I am in awe with what surrounds me. My husband, whom I love like none other. My little boy. My two, little girls. My home, my garden. My life.




I am, in the very same breath, of all people, most blessed.

Like I told my best friend in an email…being so excited about the week ahead…dads coming, then going to Mexico for a long weekend, time with family, learning a new culture, traveling with my dear, little family. Being so full of pain at my little sister not here with us. Considering the fact that in the morning, my Sunday will be over and I will need to hit the “road” like there’s no tomorrow. Because in this house, you do not clean and prepare a day ahead for visitors. You prepare wildly, hours ahead. Otherwise you will prepare several times.

Only a woman would have so many things in her mind at once. In her heart.



Dear God, may I rest in the contentment of life today.


Goodness tomorrow…


And knowing that You are here.


IMG_5596 IMG_5597 IMG_5599 IMG_5600 IMG_5601 IMG_5602 IMG_5604

That was fun!

My breakfast was a little different. :)


I made a breakfast meatloaf yesterday, Whole30 recipe on Pinterest. You cook it in a crock pot for 4 hours. Rest. Cool. Slice. Chill. In the morning, you fry both sides. Top with a soft egg. Add a few veggies and a strawbananaberry. It was nice!

See, my metabolism is fast. It seems like it may have even sped up since I’ve been doing Nature’s Warehouse’s Hormonal Help, to balance my hormones, which I’ve been pretty sure have been out of whack. So I need to eat quite a bit! Like, after licking that plate, above, clean, I’m still hungry. :) But don’t feel like eating, so I’m not. When I complain, Craig tells me it’s a blessing to be able to eat so much. I tell him it’s expensive. :) And sometimes I just don’t know what to eat! I don’t know if it’s actually that much more than most people eat…but it seems like I need to eat often. And like, in the morning, I about don’t get full.

But anyway.

A dessert idea from Craig for you Whole30ers…

Cube and cook sweet potatoes. Whip them once they are soft. Add salt, clarified butter, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spices. It’s naturally sweet. We love it!


I’m working on upping the veggies in my life. You are supposed to eat more veggies than you ever dreamed of… :) And I’m excited about adapting! Can’t wait until I *need* that amount of veggies to feel like I really ate…


I had so much fun with this last night. Cooked it on low in the crock pot over night. Today I shred it and fry some of it into Crispy Carnitas. Along with that, I’m going to stuff Portobello mushrooms with pesto and avocado, topped with roasted cherry tomatoes…


If you get tired of food, please skip my blog. :) Go on to the next one…

It’s Windy.

I didn’t know Texas has this much wind! Wow. :)

Well…this morning I woke up. Not inspired. I dragged to the kitchen. I did not want to eat eggs. I made a pot of Oolong tea and sat down and drank it slowly. Breakfast is my hardest meal to do Whole30. I have it, completely a part of my system, that breakfast should be slightly sweet, carby, and comforting. Maybe a balm to your soul for needing to get out of bed. And I like something fast. With little to no prep. I like to prepare it quickly, and then savor the quiet moments of the morning before the three kids tumble down the hallway and life hits me full in the face. I don’t want to spend that first hour of the day cooking!

Whole30er friends from Cleburne, Texas, who convinced me to do this…(okay, so, I convinced myself, but you encouraged me!)…WHAT DO YOU EAT FOR BREAKFAST???!


My snack yesterday afternoon…


I love carrots. Raw. But especially baked. I toss them in clarified butter, salt them, and bake them for a long time, until they are turning dark at the edges, and it’s like eating roasted marshmallows, only a hundred times more delicious. I have been known to eat a huge mound of them. :)

This was dinner last evening.


Sauteed onions and tomatoes with cooked green beans. I toasted off some coconut to add a rather delectable crunch.

Here are the carrots I was talkin’ about.


Yeah. With meat and a cauliflower, garlic mash. It was nice. The kids chowed down on all those veggies like it was dessert! But then, the carrots were practically dessert. So incredibly sweet.

But enough about food. This had better work. I’m desperate. I need some way to get my stomach health back…or did I ever have it? Not sure. But we’re going to give this a fair try! So fair that when I put a lick of honey on my tongue without thinking today, I realized what I did, spit it out, and rinsed my mouth out. So there.


I found them combing Saucy’s hair yesterday.


I died laughing and felt rather sorry for Saucy. They had a pretty good grip on her “hair”. Have I mentioned that she takes a lot off of them?


Speaking of twins, the other day, Hazel bumped the side of her head, and was crying. I didn’t go comfort her as I should have, and next thing I knew, this is what I saw.


Daisy was holding her tightly, crooning to her, kissing her “owie”, and generally taking care of her tears. I sat there, speechless. Hazel looked at me and said, “My mommy.” She usually says that about me, this time it was about Daisy. I just watched them, nearly burst into tears, and felt like I was on holy ground. :) Those are the times your heart wants to burst with love and gratefulness…


I’m sewing today. How can I not like sewing with such a lovely room to set up as my little abode? I know. But I still don’t just love it. :) If I have a sweet place like this, though, it’s much more fun!

IMG_5586 IMG_5587 IMG_5588 IMG_5589

May your days be merry and bright.

It Starts With Food. I Believe It Too.

The other day my neighbor Amanda brought me this book…I had been really wanting to read.

These are the people who started the Whole30 thing. The book defied my expectations. It’s fantastic. It’s well written. They have a sense of humor. They go into a lot of the science behind food, but they break it down really well for people like me. And…it is answering a lot of my questions. I am so excited!!

They begin by describing the confusion that abounds on the internet. You find truths about food that are polar opposites. You don’t know what to believe or do. So you do nothing.

Then they tell you what they believe. What they have learned. They give you testimonies…just the tip of the iceberg of the thousands of testimonies. Then they challenge you to become your own experiment. Find for yourself what is truth–for you.

It takes 30 days of strict Whole30 eating! Why 30 days? Because it can take weeks for your body to really get past what you have been eating.

They know what they’re doing. If they can get people to do this for 30 days, by then, you know. You have experienced it. You are convinced.

They don’t need to convince you. Life does it for them. It’s brilliant.

And I’m going to do it. I’m starting tomorrow. Yes, we’re going to Mexico next week. So I know I may not stick with it, but I’m still starting tomorrow. I’m so excited!

The testimonies range from type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, effortless weight loss, seasonal allergies, kids allergies, food cravings, roller coaster bad relationships with food, blood pressure, joint inflammation, intestinal pain, bloating, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, IBS, Lyme, recurring migraines, debilitating fatigue, vitiligo, and rheumatoid arthritis is a biggie…and that is just from the few testimonies in the book. These are testimonies of freedom from these diseases, from the symptoms that plagued these people. It just went away. And as long as they eat Whole30, it stays away.

I’m completely astonished. Okay, not completely. But seriously, I’ve been looking for food answers for so long.

I am still not 100% convinced on everything. We’re going through the book of Ruth in SS. I told Craig, why were they having barley and wheat harvest? In the Bible? :)

But then…things, plants, food was very different back then. And…all I can do is look at the results…

My biggest questions were about whole grains, legumes, and dairy. Big questions. And as much as I wanted to believe those three things are nutrient packed and essential to our lives, I really wondered.

I’m going to try and give just a peek into some of what I learned in this book. But really, if you want the real deal, there is the book–on Amazon. :)

I will try to be organized. My mind, right now, is anything but organized. :)

When they talked about sweeteners, what they described exploded in my mind! They ban all sweeteners. Even stevia. Why? Because any added sweeteners are what they call “supernormally stimulating”. They pretty much just burn out our taste buds on stimuli that are otherworldly. God didn’t make things that sweet. (They are evolutionists, but it’s so easy to see God and His creation in what they say.) Then we need things to be really, really sweet. Because we have burned out those taste buds. That made total sense to me. Because, since we have been eating more and more this way, we can hardly stand to eat a normal cookie anymore. Our taste buds go wild. It’s just too sweet.

Added sugar is also one of the very quickest foods to trigger an unhealthy hormonal response. It messes up how God created us to work.

And then, there are grains. Whole grain. It sounds so incredibly healthy. Not to mention that I absolutely love all sorts of whole grains. I can eat a whole plate of rice just by itself. Don’t even need salt. :) Whole grains have a lower glycemic index because of the fiber left in them. But glycemic index is way way overrated. It still turns to sugar. And while there are many more nutrients in whole grains than refined ones, something we don’t know is the bioavailability of those nutrients.

Grains are not nutrient dense when compared with vegetables and fruit. It’s that simple. And fiber. You can easily get comparable amounts of fiber in eating vegetables. You don’t need grains to give you the fiber you need.

Grains contain phytic acid. These phytates grab hold of the nutrients and create an insoluble and undigestible complex. They are not absorbed by your body. I am still trying to undo those years of believing that grains are high in nutrients and minerals. And, instead of trying to describe the why of all this, let’s just say that the proteins in grains are resistant to digestion and cause inflammation. Inflammation is one of the chief reasons that we have any sort of health issue today.

And then, the biggest “What??!”….for me, is legumes. I LOVE beans. I can easily eat a whole bowl of beans by itself, as well, although I prefer it with salt. :) I love beans with rice. I love black bean chocolate cake. I love refried beans in a tortilla. And are beans not high protein, a great source of nutrients and protein and fiber all in one?

Not to mention that I can afford a new skirt because we ate beans for a week instead of beef.

This is the hardest one to go. No, I take that back, dairy, for me, is harder. But beans…

Legumes have a lot in common with grains. And they include peas and peanuts. Thought to be in the vegetable family and the nut family. But they aren’t. Sigh deeply.

Legumes have protein. But the carbohydrate in them is double or triple that of protein. No worries…we are not afraid of carbohydrate. But…it’s simply not the protein punch I thought it was. And they contain phytates. Properly preparing them helps. But they are not a nutrient dense food. Yes, they contain fiber, but vegetables contain much more per serving. So it’s also not reason enough…

Legumes don’t promote a healthy gut. Ouch. An unhealthy gut is something I’ve had for years upon years. Some of the short chain carbohydrates found in legumes aren’t properly absorbed in the small intestine, then they act as food for bacteria, which ferments, which causes unpleasant symptoms. This kind of carbohydrate can feed bad bacteria. Inflammation again…

The case against legumes isn’t as strong as the case against sugar, for instance. Even after reading this, I felt like I didn’t have conclusive evidence. So I’m going to experiment. :) I’m going to do the Whole30 for a month. Then I’m going to allow legumes. And see what happens. :)

But none of this pierces my soul as much as…losing…


I love dairy. I love raw milk. I love thick cream. I love cream, whipped. I love sour cream. I love cheese. I love a good yogurt. I love cottage cheese used in a variety of ways…


So I’ll experiment with this one too. No one is banning it from my life. I just want to find out if it makes an enormous difference in my health…

I was intrigued with their logic. Cow’s milk is perfect. If you are a calf. Cow’s milk is created to rapidly grow a calf that is too young to eat adult food. It promotes aggressive growth. It has hormonal effects. And it works to up the calf’s immunity. Do I, as an adult human, need this? Could it actually be harmful? I am grinning as I remember how the Thai people used to think that milk is really gross. There are some countries where they cannot wrap their minds around the fact that we think milk from a cow is delicious and desirable. And if you think about it too hard…  :)

Think about babies. They need the same things calves need from their moms. (That was a strange sentence. You know what I mean.) :) But once they are weaned, they don’t need the growth, hormonal, and immune messages they needed when they were born. And to send them biological messages intended for a newborn of a cow…?! I’m not going to go into the science of all that. Just get the book if you want to. :)

There are two main categories of dairy proteins. Casein and Whey. Casein can cause a type of immune system reaction called a hystamine response. This causes headaches, GI upset, seasonal allergies, etc. Not everyone is affected. Up to you to find out. Casein shares some similarities with components of gluten. This can cause problems as well.

And then, the Whey. Because of whey, milk is a powerful growth promoter. (My kids should have this, right?) That makes it a highly insulinogenic food. So if you’re having insulin issues, you may want to skip the dairy…

And then there is the Lactose in milk. Some of us just can’t digest it well. It then really messes with our gut. But that is not the main problem with dairy. It’s propensity to stimulate insulin production and it’s potential to trigger an immune system response are the biggest issues.

But then, there is the question: what about calcium? I was amazed to find that you do not need dairy for calcium. Hello. Why did I think that.

I’m going to quote:

“The United States has one of the highest rates of osteoporosis in the world, despite having one of the highest calcium intakes.”


Phytates inhibit calcium absorption. A-B=C.

Dairy is not the only good source of calcium. You can find calcium in significant amounts and in bioavailable forms in a wide variety of vegetables, in bone broth, and in certain fish, nuts, and seeds. In fact, they may actually be more bioavailable in these forms than in milk. If your kid is lacking calcium, it’s probably because he’s not eating these things. We’re more used to giving our kids milk and carby cereal every morning.

So Dairy is out. Ah. But the exceptions are heavy cream and butter. Maybe heavy cream. It may give some people issues. Butter, when clarified, is best. The issue with dairy comes from its carbohydrate and its protein, not it’s fat. So if you clarify butter, you get rid of all remaining proteins. And are left with pure, nutrient packed fat. Nutrient packed if it is pastured butter.

As you can guess, eating a lot of the right kinds of fats is extremely important in your health. And this is something that blows the minds of 90% of us. Because for years we have been told, and believed that fat is not good for you. It clogs your arteries. It gives you heart attacks. It makes you fat. None of that is true. Research it. It’s not true.

Here is a bit of what I learned. I don’t know if I got it all down accurately, but I tried. I left out a ton. The book, in my estimation, is well worth your $10. It is helping me so much. And mostly, it’s opening my mind to things that I want to experiment with and find what we and our kids need and what we cannot tolerate. What makes us thrive, not just survive.

One of the most exciting things about the Whole30 deal is that when you eat like this for 30 days, it is almost magical in breaking unhealthy relationships with food. Cravings. Ups. Downs. Hates. Hate yourself. Eat a whole bowl. Feel awful. I have loved sweet foods all my life. I am hoping to kick my cravings. Yes, you can have fruit. But you are to be very careful in that first 30 days. Or it can be a total cop out.

Mostly, I’m hoping to get rid of my fatigue. My crashes. And more than anything else, my unhappy gut. Kefir doesn’t cut it anymore. My ulcer has been killing me off and on for weeks. I’m now taking Tea Tree Oil instead of kefir. A few drops into a capsule. I think it may be working. But my gut is still not happy.

I’m excited!


Food. And How We Eat It.

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve talked about our…way of life in eating food.

Maybe because we’ve been…on the move again. Researching. Listening. Learning. Asking. Trying. Wishing. Deciding. Eating.


Can you tell this is going to be another strange post?

For a year or two now, I’ve been cooking and baking using the Trim Healthy Mama method. I didn’t go strict on it, just used it as a guideline, and used their recipes, finding some that will be real keepers. I lost weight that wouldn’t go away. We were fairly healthy. Which, by the way, is wonderful. I have never been exceedingly healthy and strong. Just sort of wimpy in the health department, getting sick easily, and then getting very sick. Never just tons of energy. Etc. This, my friends, is why I’m determined to find a better way to live! And we’ve been finding it!

We don’t believe everything we read. But we tend to believe blogs of ordinary people who have found what works for them, and aren’t trying to make a lot of money. And also who aren’t driven by the big dogs. We read books by studied authors. People who have researched hard, and seem to know what they’re talking about. Sometimes we find a lot of conflicting information and people who passionately believe the opposite things. :) And so we study and sift, and try to listen to our hearts…to God.

THM was a huge step in the right direction for us. We cut out processed foods. Sugars. Bad carbs. Bad fats. But there were, over the course of the last year or so, a few things that niggled at my heart. Why I never went 100% into it for life.

1. There are still too many processed foods you can eat. Bread from WalMart. Sweeteners I wasn’t comfortable with. Almond milk with interesting names of stuff in it. Pasta that gave my twins diarrhea. (Too bad, that stuff is delicious!)

2. There were a number of vegetables you weren’t supposed to eat much of. Carrots, for instance. And quite a number of fruits with too much natural sugar in them. I really missed those things. I wondered if such natural forms of life can be so bad for you? But then, I also realize that fruit today has been altered to contain a lot of sugar. I also realize that THM is to maintain and lose weight. So that’s why you ease up on the fruit.

3. It felt confining to me. I got tired of thinking, is this too much fat with carbs? has it been long enough since my carbs that now I may eat fat?

4. Somehow, it didn’t completely connect with my heart. I have friends I highly admire who are whole hearted THMers. I am happy they found the right thing for them!

But I wasn’t “there” yet. This was not the way we ultimately wanted to eat.

Maybe the biggest issue I had was that Craig, in the course of the years and his ongoing research, believed a little differently. And I really want to be together on things…I don’t want to cook for just one of us!

Where are we now?

Mixing two types:

Craig: Bulletproof

Rachel: Whole30

The cool thing is, these two eating styles are very similar. They mesh wonderfully. Craig’s breakfast is Bulletproof coffee, stevia, and grass fed butter whirred into a creamy, frothy, latte. My breakfast is a variation of about 4 eggs. Sometimes a trim, healthy, pancake. The pancake, isn’t Whole30. Why do I eat a pancake? Because I get tired of just eggs. We are not stringent. But we keep the line in view…how we want to eat, because of what we believe. I still struggle with what I believe. We’re still learning… But here is a bit of where we have come:

1. No grains

2. No legumes

3. Of course, no sugars or processed foods

4. Grass-fed meat and dairy, when the bank account isn’t in red (at this point, we do grass fed butter but not meat…)

5. Real salt with the minerals still there

6. No dairy except for grass-fed butter (and when I have the inspiration, I’m going to turn that into ghee)

7. No white potatoes. Only sweet potatoes. Which are delicious.

It’s actually quite simple. You don’t need to think hard or plan hard. The lines are clear. I really, really like it. And I am starting to feel like I am actually eating the way I believe. The grass fed meat is the biggest next step we are anticipating. We have a large, lovely field. Once our ship comes in, we are going to raise our own beef. And maybe lamb and goose as well. But definitely beef.

And the kids? We give them all the raw milk they want. They get dairy. They get carbs. They love rice. :) I want them to have enough carbs to grow well. But they don’t get mostly carbs. They eat meat and vegetables. And a ton of fruit. :)

Ahhh…fruit. Fruit is one reason I’m so excited! I really missed eating fruit. I loved that I could eat berries, but I missed my fruit! Now, I eat bananas. I eat apples. I eat oranges. I really, eat strawberries. Mmmmm…

My friend from church, Amber, has inspired me greatly in the Whole30 thing. She has recipes, ideas, and a glowing testimony!

Vitamins are a tough issue for us. I really want to get on a good multi vitamin, but…there are such conflicting researches. I finally settled on Erins Super Green Drink Mix. This is simply a mixture of herbs, dried and blended, that you can add to any drink, but I always add it to a smoothie. And I do still do kefir in my smoothies. Over the winter, I didn’t do smoothies. The desire simply wasn’t there. But now, it’s getting hot!

The kids get a multi-vitamin a day, but not sure where that will go…

And…as I mentioned before, we are not super strict! Craig is much more careful than I am. We just do as we are comfortable.

And avocados? We eat them by the dozen…the dozen…


Above, bulletproof ice cream in the making.

IMG_5330 IMG_5332 IMG_5333

We eat a ton of broccoli smothered in grass-bed butter.

IMG_5335 IMG_5378 IMG_5443 IMG_5444

Bulletproof eggnog. A staple… :)




Not trim, healthy, bulletproof, or whole30!


We are happy…


…grateful to be finding the way for us…


It really is a wonderful life…


…a peaceful existence…

IMG_5502 IMG_5503

And we want to keep learning and living!

Blessings and love and avocados to all…

We Went to a Cabin

Late afternoon on Sunday, Craig said:

“They need someone to man the store in Tyler, do you and the kids want to go with me and stay at a cabin nearby?”

I said,


And so we packed up and set out around 6:00 Monday morning.

The cabin was delightful!

IMG_5507 IMG_5518 IMG_5519 IMG_5524 IMG_5526 IMG_5527 IMG_5528

Of course, I forgot to get pics of the outside. :) Which was very cute.

And so I was quite excited! Going to a cabin! Vacation! Hang out! Read a lot of books!

Well, I, an eternal optimist, can never seem to remember that these things rarely turn out exactly according to our dreams.

It was lovely. And it was hard.

We were half way to Tyler when we realized that check-in at the cabin was 11:00. Okay…well, I could hang out with the kids…somewhere…for two hours…no problem! So when we arrived at the Ulrich Barns store, Craig went to work in the office and the kids and I hung out on the play sets. Then they…needed diaper changes, bathrooms, food…yeah. You get the picture. Finally we left and I decided to stop at Subway for a foot long to take to the cabin for lunch. Only, they didn’t have drive through. So, I hauled all the kids in and sat them down while I went and got our sub. But as I was about to herd them back out to the car, Hazel informed me that she wanted to eat there! It’s fun! Okay. Fine…

Our cabin was in another town, 25 minutes away. Even though it was still before noon, all three kids fell asleep. My GPS refused to take me anywhere…and so I called the place and found it. It was lovely! I was rather happy. :)

I was met by a delightful, elderly lady, who made sure we were very comfortable, to the point of bringing sleeping bags for the kids to sleep on and a stack of amazing children’s books for them to enjoy! She was rather taken by the three kiddos and they took to her immediately. I mean, like minutes and Hazel was begging her for a ride on her golf cart. :) So she took them for rides! But I’m getting ahead of the story.

We arrived and I hauled everything in and settled the things where they belonged. I hauled the kids in and they…woke up. By 12:20 I was so exhausted I could hardly think. I had several late nights behind me, and an early morning, and was fighting off a cold with huge doses of Vitamin C, what’s new.

And so, in a *rare* spurt of optimism, I tucked all four of us into the big bed, and…didn’t take a nap. Because although we lay there for an hour and a half, none of them slept. I nearly dozed off, before Daisy pestered me one last time. And so I said, well, this way they will go to sleep early tonight! And we got up.

IMG_5506 IMG_5508 IMG_5509 IMG_5511 IMG_5513 IMG_5515

And so we hung out until it was time to go pick up Craig! By that time, unfortunately, both twins were sick. They had finally come down with the stomach virus I was trying in vain to keep them away from. Daisy threw up. They both complained a lot about “tummy hurts”! And they were warm and a bit floppy. Bomani only complained a bit…

I hauled them back into the car and set out for Tyler. Of course, the kids decided to take their nap at that point…in the car…again. :) Once there, it took quite a while to leave! More customers came. We ordered dinner online from a steakhouse. We stopped at a supermarket for food for me n the kids the next day. By the time we got back to the cabin, it was late. I was starving enough to eat an entire herd of buffalo. The kids were still sick. Craig was sick.

It wasn’t, as you can see, quite what we had envisioned. :) But I’m learning…learning to take what comes, try to extract the good…accept the hard…

Although, I must admit, I wasn’t terribly happy. :( :)

The next morning Craig felt a bit better. He left for work around 8:30. The kids n I spent the morning reading, making food, watching Curious George. I made a larger-than-life-with-more-than BLT. :)


At 12:30, I was exhausted. The night before had been bad at best. Daisy kept whimpering and I kept jumping up to give her water. She was running a pretty good fever.

And so at 12:30, I tucked us all in once again, only this time, in different locations! And I had the big bed all to myself. I think I nearly fell asleep before they did. And I don’t know which side of an hour and a half I slept. But I do know that at 2:20 I could hardly wake myself up. Finally I said, “Hey! This is my chance at some quiet moments!” And I jumped up and slipped out to the back porch.

It was glorious out there. The birds were singing. The weather was fantastic, cool, yet lovely. It was still. It was…it was quiet. And no one was screaming at me for anything. I sat there. I drank it in. I became…more okay. Bomani woke up soon. We spent a good hour out there.


Then, a bit before 4:00, the twins woke up. We all went walking. We said hi to horses. We took swing rides.

IMG_5520 IMG_5521 IMG_5522

Then we went back to the cabin. One of my favorite quotes from Daisy…

“I LIKE walk!” :)

And so the day passed. I packed everything up, cleaned the cabin up, and was ready when Craig arrived from work around 6:30. And so we set off for home, stopping for dinner at Chick-fil-A. The kids played in the playground there for a long time, loving it!

We arrived home at 10:00 pm. I threw open the windows, we unpacked, and the kids went wild playing with Saucy.

I was happy to be home. :)

The next morning, we awoke to behold:

Spring had Come!

IMG_5529 IMG_5530 IMG_5531 IMG_5532 IMG_5533 IMG_5534 IMG_5535 IMG_5536 IMG_5537 IMG_5538 IMG_5539 IMG_5540 IMG_5541 IMG_5542 IMG_5544 IMG_5545 IMG_5546 IMG_5547

And we are happy.