I am not inspired today. I have been yelling around at my kids. Sort of. Impatient. Way, waaay overtired. Grumpy. 

We got sick again. Enzo had a cold/fever. The next week, Bomani got it. By that time I was tired. And I got it. Then Daisy…

Honestly, I am so ready to sleep. I just want to sleep for days…weeks…with no one clattering down the hall to the bathroom, or running back and forth between the rooms getting more books for naptime, loudly closing the doors with every trip. I want to sleep without a blue-eyed cherub eating every couple hours. I want to sleep while breathing well through my nose–which is, by the way, how God created us to breathe. 

So there you have it. How I’m feeling today. 

I found I was yelling at God. In my heart. Why did You create us so that when we get a head cold, that our sinus’ close up? Cuz then we can’t sleep, and then we can’t get well…

And then when my brain cleared and I was actually thinking, I said, no. My Father, God did not create colds to act like this. The devil did this! God is not the author of virus’ and head colds! Nope!

And I repented.

And after a tiny nap that was interrupted by sweet, naughty, pattering feet, I got up, made some coffee, and sat down. I prayed…

Can you receive inspiration while really tired? I think so. 



My Christmas gift. These frames and pictures. I like. :) 


Begging for her yogurt…

2016-01-05 15.38.01

The cutest passport picture. We’re going to Canada, my baby and I!

2016-01-06 17.18.55 2016-01-12 17.48.58 2016-01-21 17.52.19

Enzo’s lovely nanny who took care of him in Dallas at the seminar.

2016-01-24 09.01.37 2016-01-25 20.43.18 2016-01-27 09.17.10

I currently have five fido jars of sauerkraut fermenting gently… 

2016-01-29 18.37.56

I still love making soap. Unless I’m too busy. Then it’s just work. :) 

2016-02-02 18.24.06

A large curry. 

2016-02-06 14.11.58

Homemade fudge. It can really help to minimize troubles. :) :) 

2016-02-07 10.22.21

This is serious business, guys!

2016-02-07 16.32.57

We had fun outside yesterday! And yes, he loves to pull off his cap. :) 

2016-02-07 17.13.22

Peace be da journey. 

Breakfast Forever

This first meal of the day. It has been my constant challenge! How to find something fast, easy, and yet exceedingly nutritious?! In this house we eat breakfast. And we eat a lot. Like, we are hungry in the mornings! Sometimes I am starving before I ever get out of bed. So it can’t be an afterthought. It can’t be a little granola in a little milk. I need a big chunk of food! And my kids eat breakfast too. And so does Craig…

For a long time, Craig ate 6 eggs. That’s it. Then he changed to doing the bulletproof, butter coffee. More recently, he went to cooked oats. A bit of salt, stevia, and maple syrup. He makes it himself.

Being the daughter of my father, I love eggs, pancakes, bacon…and that sort of breakfast. Savory and sweet and buttery… :) But that’s a lot of work! 

And the kids? They love THM pancakes. Only, I use whole eggs, not egg whites. And I fry them in grassfed butter and slather them with butter after they come off the pan. Gotta’ fatten these babies up! And me too. I eat pancakes when I make them for the kids. :)

Recently, on the traditional cooking school feed, I saw a post on oats. And 33 nourishing oatmeal recipes. 

33 Nourishing Oatmeal Recipes

I don’t know how you feel about oats. Whole30 of course, says they are low in nutrition. Traditional Cooking School says they are high in nutrients, if you soak the oats and release the nutrients, as well as take care of the phytates. I love oats. I love baking with oats. I love eating oats for breakfast. And I love that they are relatively inexpensive. I get organic oats locally. Time after time, I walk in to Family Nutrition Center, and empty their canister of oats. I’m sure they love me. :)

And so, being weary once again of frying pancakes every morning, and thus shooting any quiet time I had carefully arisen for, I am now making these recipes! Or my own, quick variations of them. :)

I have not been posting recipes on this blog. Not much. I know why. I’ve been in survival with all our sickness. And I really *dislike* cooking carefully! I love throwing things together, tasting, and winging things. But I really do want to put recipes on this blog! So I am going to work on that again. And I am going to do guesswork. And my recipes are just going to be a bit more vague. Enjoy. :)

One of the things that weary me when looking for recipes on blogs, is how they write and post pictures of their creation for a long time before I can get to the recipe! So I am not going to do that. I will post pictures on my blog. But in my recipe file, there will be recipes. Amen. :)


I caramelized these in a pan, then in the oven. Slivered almonds, salt, and maple syrup. Unfortunately, they were so delectable that I ate them all morning. Too much sugar! 


That was beyond delicious. And yes, sugar overload for me! I need to use more stevia, and less maple syrup. Even if I found 33 oz. of maple syrup on (grade A) for like $12! (Including shipping!) 

IMG_3909 IMG_3908 IMG_3907

So there is the beginning of my oat saga. :) It’s fun! I soak the oats overnight. The next morning, throw things together and either bake it, or cook it. Doesn’t take nearly as long as frying pancakes! 

Next on my list: find a delicious, nutritious, slow-cooker baked oatmeal recipe! If you have any, I’d love to hear it!

Now…for a few fun photos:


The things Bomani draws shows me his heart. :) Here he made a picture of his dad and him skateboarding. :) 


This is Craig working on a roof. He hung it in his office. :)


“Daddy and me camping.” Notice they each have a tent their size…


For his naps during the day, I put Enzo into his crib to fall asleep on his own. He yells a while, and then this happens. I have learned I need to go in after he is quiet, because often he is sitting up like this…and I need to lay him down!


I know. I sort of melt into a puddle every time I see it. :)


This corner of my house. At least they like to…draw and color…!


Twins sleep alike. :)


I helped them do the domino thing, matching up the ends of the dominoes. 


Running away from “the spider”! 

With that, I will leave you in peace for the day. :)

That Important to Him

“She hit me with that thing!” 

“Well, he was fighting with me.”

“She said she’s not my friend!”

“But he said he is here to save the day, and I don’t want that…”

I am like, whaaaat? Okay, I just don’t get their fights all the time. :)

Having three kids 4 & 5 years old takes some…mediating and training. I’m pretty sure I need lots of wisdom.


In fact, I am really lacking in wisdom. But that simply means that I can ask for it!

I’m looking at my kids. And I’m thinking about the body of Christ. 

This morning I was reading in John. Jesus’ prayer to the Father for His disciples is so beautiful. Powerful. And He prays not only for them, but for all of us who come to Him. 

I was a bit astonished though, at what came through to me this morning. His prayer is that His disciples would be one. And He says, “…as We are one.” What does that mean? Is it possible for us, His people on earth, to be as one as He and His Father are one?! He prays it for His disciples and He prays it, later in the prayer, for us…

May they all be one, as You, Father, are in Me and I am in You. May they also be one in Us, so the world may believe You sent Me.

And a few verses later, again…

May they be one as We are one. I am in them and You are in Me. May they be made completely one, so the world may know you have sent Me and have loved them as You have loved Me.

I look at my heart. I see how often I have this *small* issue with someone, or that grumpy feeling about another friend. I think of how I don’t like the way “they” do this or that. 

And I see that the enemy has really taken us for a ride. He is doing everything he can to keep us from what Jesus prayed to the Father for us…to be one. I wonder what all that means? 

For me, today, it means laying aside all those details and grumpy feelings. All the things that I don’t think are right. And saying, ya know? We are following Jesus! We are fighting in God’s Kingdom! Let’s be one. Let’s work together. Let’s forgive and let stuff go. 


Father, may we be one, as you and Jesus are one…


It is in You we place our faith. Our hope. 



This Blog

I haven’t become serious with this blog in the way I was setting out to. Life came at me, we’ve been sick, off and on, for more than a month, and again, I find it taking a back burner in my life! 

I love blogging. I love the blogging world. I love this. 

This morning, I realized something. I don’t like the new look of my blog. And as weird as this is, that is part of why I’m setting it on the back burner. :( :) 

So I am going to change it. If you see strange things in the next week or two, it’s because I need to work on these things in the pockets of my life where I have time. Or even if I don’t! But I won’t be able to just sit down in and fix it. One reason is…that I just barely know what I’m doing. I love the Divi theme…because if you are smart enough, you can pretty much make it do almost anything. I am not smart enough. I may need to ditch it for a theme that is already set up. My problem with that is that this is not just a recipe blog. Or a food blog. It’s my life on a blog. And having these gorgeous buttons on the home page for recipes…is not what I’m looking for. 

Dear me. Anyone out there want to help! I can’t pay you. I just used my special budget account for something else. :)

And so it goes…



So. I am on the verge of not knowing what I’m doing…with creating this blog the way I want it. In fact, I don’t know what I’m doing. :) But I did manage to place a Subscribe button on the sidebar. So if you want to sign up for email alerts, you’ll find this  button when you click on a post, and then toward the top of the sidebar. 

Now. If only I could clean up and fix that very bottom part of my blog! So far, I have not been successful. Sigh. :) 

think I like the new blog look…from what I had for years. I hope so. It took a lot of work for someone illiterate like me. :) :) 


P.S. We are not going to Coop today after all. Why? Because Bomani is now having a head cold, and I am fighting it hard…

Just Catchin’ Up

Life stops for no one! Not if you and your kids are sick off and on for a month. Not if you are working hard on spiritual issues. Not if you run out of money. (We haven’t…but just sayin’.) :) 

Here’s a little update on Life!

Today is a lovely, Texas winter day. Jackets only. :) Sunny. So windy that my laundry dried by lunchtime. We have used quite a bit less wood this year than last winter to heat our house. Love this winter!

Craig got the signed contract and down payment for another roofing job!!! It’s not enormous, but it’s a lovely roof. No protrusions. Straight-forward. And we are very grateful!

We are still making tiny bits of progress on the large roofing job that we began in November. Having it drag on through the winter was the last thing we wanted, but life…is life. And the interesting thing is, sometimes there are things you think you absolutely could not do…they look too hard. Then when they come upon you, you do it. And it’s not the end of the world. :) We are not able to apply coating below a certain temperature, and you do not want a freeze the night after applying! So as you can imagine, there have been few coating days in January. But God has not dropped us. :) We have food on our table and in our freezer! 

Speaking of food in the freezer, my friend, Charlotte, and I went discount food shopping on Saturday in Fort Worth and Dallas! I got some fantastic deals, and my pantry and freezer are stocked for probably half the normal prices! Plus, we had fun together. 

This past week, I thought Enzo was teething. Actually, he is teething…numbers seven and eight are whitening his gums, almost to pop through. But I think in reality, he got another head cold. He has a cough and a lot of junk in his sinus’ and nose. I noticed that when his snuffy nose started improving, he began to come back to his happy, sunny self! On Monday I was about to lose it. It’s been a really long marathon of sickness for us, and especially for Enzo. He doesn’t sleep well when he’s sick, and this last cold, his nursing went down to half or less than half. I don’t have time to pump every couple hours. And he wasn’t badly dehydrated, but neither was he peeing like usual. And so Monday, I was exhausted, and he was fussy and not nursing much…and I wanted to scream! 

Today is Tuesday. He is much better! Still not back to normal health, but I’m realizing that I have to be consistent. So I am putting garlic salve on his feet multiple times a day. It puts a whole new spin on “stinky feet”. :) And I’m pushing the probiotics. Cuz I’m guessing that his antibiotics wiped out his good bacteria and it makes you really susceptible to getting another virus. 

But most of all…going to the Great Physician. First and foremost. God showed me an area where I was not surrendered, and so I’m really grateful that He is showing me these blocks and I can get more junk out of my own life!


Do you see that face? He has learned to pinch his little lips shut when he sees me coming with a syringe. Poor dear! 

IMG_3884 IMG_3885

Daisy hates medicine. In fact, we can hardly get her to take tylonol when she needs it. So when she needed antibiotics for her earache, we groaned. What worked was having her suck on ice for a bit, to freeze her taste buds. Then she gave the medicine to herself. This didn’t make her feel like it was just going to be pushed into her mouth without her permission. :) 


He is at such a fun age for baths! He loves to try and catch the bubbles. :) And yes, there is a green lightbulb in the bathroom. Bomani picked it out. 

IMG_3896 IMG_3897

Daisy loves feeding him. :) She thinks it’s so cool when his little mouth opens and takes a bite… 


I won this skirt from the wrapunzel group! They are the sweetest Jewish ladies you’ll find. I only pray for their salvation…


Daisy sat down and started doing this by herself. I am often surprised by what they know! Cuz I’m not really teaching them. They love doing on the kindle fire. And they are learning. :) But really…help. I was going to teach them preschool/kindergarten this winter! And it’s February…barely winter in Texas. :) 

IMG_3903 IMG_3904

Sometimes I swoon a bit…aww…he gets too many kisses…


I love having Craig work from home! Love it. Sometimes he can hardly walk around in his office for all the toys strewn over the floor… :) 


And the rest of life? In the hands of the Father. We are in a very strange, difficult place. I’m speaking of “we” as in our church. But we are determined, with the help of the Father…to stay strong. Hang in there. We believe He has something exciting and awesome for our church. And we are sticking together. May He do in us and through us, what He desires, to grow His kingdom in this area. I did a lot of grumbling and yelling around. At God. At my husband. And then, at the seminar in Dallas, God spoke so clearly to me. In the context of Jericho…He said, “Shut up, and march.” :) :) And so, I will. With gratefulness for His words to me…I will shut up, and march. And for me, as a woman of God, marching means prayer. Maybe even prayer-walking. :) Thank you for your prayers as well…for God to fight for our church and for His glory in this place. 

Ahh. Creamy coffee drink is finished. Curried beef in the slow cooker… Tomorrow is homeschool coop. Saturday is work day at the church. Sunday we are host family, which essentially means I make the meal for the entire church. Before you say wow…we have a small group. :) :) I’m doing a thick chili, with sourdough bread and a sort of healthy dessert which I still need to find. I love cooking and baking…can’t wait!

I pray a blessing of wisdom and peace for you today.


I Am Changed

I really didn’t know what to expect at the Be In Health Overcomer’s Conference in Dallas last week. 


I mean, I was sure God would work, but I didn’t know how or how much or where or what!

And there is quite a bit I can’t write about here. If you want to hear about it…give me a call or come sit down for some creamy chai… 

But I will give you a peek of the knowledge that is being poured out by these people…the knowledge that we perish for lack of… Hosea 4:6.

I would say that the single thing they talked about the most, and poured their soul out to bring home to our hearts was…the Word of God. The Bible. The Scriptures, that we have in our homes. How this is the truth. This is where we find spiritual healing, and as we find spiritual healing, we also find physical healing. Read, read read. Get the free app on your phone! Listen to it while you shower. Before you fall asleep at night…as you wake in the morning. Immerse yourself in the whole Bible. Learn. Change. 

And the other enormous truth~ the absence of which is keeping so, so many of us in bondage and ill health…

Did you know that any sin–any weakness–anything you struggle with, could be a generational iniquity? I look at my kids. I see them struggle with rebellion. Light bulb! I was a very rebellious child when I was young…and even not so young. And fear…and more. 

One of the pastors who taught at the seminar told us a story. He is principal of the school at the Be In Health church. 

He began to notice a boy who was being a bully. To a special needs child. 

The boy was his son. 

Nothing he said seemed to make a difference! Nothing seemed to get through to his son, how wrong this was.

Then God dropped something into his heart. He remembered that as a young boy, he himself had bullied a special needs child. 

He took his son, and he confessed his own past sin. And his son was sobbing in his arms. The generational iniquity was gone. His boy no longer bullied. In fact, he and the special needs child were best buds. 

Friends, please…don’t struggle with something for your whole life. Ask the Father. He loves to give wisdom! Ask if this is a generational iniquity. If it is, cut it off. Tell that thing to get out and leave. It no longer has any right to be in your life. 

The people of Israel did more. They repented of the iniquities of their fathers. Not even their own sins. 

I don’t want my issues, sins, and weaknesses–call it what you want–to pass down to my children. In fact, it makes me fierce! Ask Craig how I can look when I realize that I need to cut something off and get it out! :)

Ahh. Honestly, I wonder sometimes how it can be that I have so many…issues. Okay, sins. I think I’m cleaned up and lo! God keeps working. :) I’m so glad that He does. 


There are a lot more things that we could talk about. Like, tell things to get out? Yeah. I’ve cast a lot of demons out of my own life. And they go. And I am that much more free. We could have an entire blog discussion on whether or not Christians can have demons. I know what I believe. And I’m sharing it here, just in case you want to hear my beliefs. 


Call it sin. Issues. Fear. Call it pride. Call it lust. Call it whatever name you want. Just tell it go go. In Jesus’ Name. Repent. Cut off generational iniquity. Renounce it. Repent of agreeing with the enemy. Turn around. Walk out. The devil knows where you are weak. So don’t be freaked if he comes at you with the very same thing. Just resist it. Say no. Go away. You have no right to be here. 

Ahh. Yes. I am learning! I am slow, but I am learning. :) And so excited with the freedom that is becoming more and more huge. Growing. 

And there is a development in my health that I’m not going to share on here. But ladies, you are free to ask me about it. :)

I’m grateful for the resources to bring that knowledge we need…


But what they really pointed us to, was the Scripture…


And that is where I want to go. To learn to know the Father. His heart. His truth. His wisdom.

You might hear more as life unfolds…and we continue to digest and change and learn…

Here is the link to this ministry…

Peace be on you.



God showed me tonight, a spirit of pride and self righteousness. It has come through on my blog…so I am also repenting on my blog. I’m sorry…and praying for God’s forgiveness and cleansing…

Continued prayers welcome for us. This week is a bit brutal. Thank you.



I just created a new word.


That’s what this is. 

Today, after being “well” for days, this weird virus doubled back on Daisy and she is running a fever and having lots of ear pain. Crying. Miserable. 

I am considering going completely insane. I have had sick kids and sick me for two weeks now…one or two or three of us at the same time. Can I keep doing this? 

This is easily the weirdest virus I have known. You think you’re well. A couple days later, you get whammed with something else. You think you’re well. Then bam–your teeth hurt because suddenly your sinus’ are inflamed. I’m not sleeping well at night because lying down, even just reclining, closes one or both sinus’. Place a recovering baby against your side, and you don’t want to move, cough loudly (this virus includes a real cough), or blow out your nose. So then I’m tired. And this isn’t a good idea when your heart and soul are as fragile as mine feel right now.

So yes…we feel a lot of need for healing and strengthened immunity around here. 

This also feels like a direct attack from the enemy for our going to the Be In Health seminar this coming week.

We ask for prayer for protection, wisdom to know how to pray, and God’s best to be done this week. 

Pray for our kids…

And personally, my heart and soul right now feel pretty broken, for different reasons. 

But God loves when I come to Him in my brokenness. He gently cares for each piece…and everything that goes with it. I’m really grateful.

He is in control. He is God. He is on the throne. He is fighting for us and ours.

And you.


My Baby

So, Thursday morning Enzo woke up with no fever. 97 degrees. I had put onions in his socks, as per my midwife’s suggestion. It is fantastic at reducing fevers! But that afternoon, after his nap, he was back up to 100 degrees. I said, “I cannot do another night of this.” Thursday was 7 days of fevers off and on. 

So I called my beyond fantastic pediatrician’s office, and they said come in! I had an hour before closing. I called Craig. He was just ready to come home from his roofing job. (We have one vehicle…a van. Which doubles as truck right now.) :) He came home, I ran in with Enzo. I prayed for a nice nurse practitioner. Our amazing doctor is booked months in advance, so if you do a walk-in, you get one of his nurse practitioners. Some are awesome. Others not so much. 

I got to see my very favorite one. Gentle. Thoughtful. Wise. He told me Enzo has an ear infection from the virus. And prescribed antibiotics. 

Enzo is currently doing so much better! Fevers are gone. He is nursing at about 3/4 the normal. The amoxicillin gives him diarrhea, so I am giving him probiotics between the doses to try and combat that. 

Thank you for prayers and caring!

2016-01-16 09.48.21