Talia Rain
“Dew from God”

December 1, 2016
6:34 pm.

7 lbs. 7 oz.




So blessed. So grateful. 

In Which She Nearly Has a Baby and Continues Nesting

How’s that for a catchy post title?


I probably did not actually nearly have a baby. But I had contractions all day Tuesday, and did some quick preparations. During the night, the contractions stopped and have been mostly gone since then, with occasional extreme tightening here and there. I’m cool with this! God and baby know when the time is right. And any and all contractions, whether braxton hicks or real, are working toward the goal! The contractions were not painful, I would just call it extreme pressure and discomfort. They were, however, coming regularly, which makes me think they were more in the “real” category. 


I decided that this time around, I will write my birth story as it happens. 🙂 (Laugh here.) So I recorded my feelings and day on Tuesday. That’s about all I have down for now! Wait with baited breath…


Since Tuesday, I have been working on baby things like a slightly wild woman. 🙂 I ran to Walmart and found the perfect fabric for a curtain for my nursery! Then I sewed it that day. My fabric from arrived as well, and I am so in love with it! It was mostly minky fabrics, and I made a change table pad, a blanket, and burp cloths with those. By Thanksgiving evening, I was finished, and very happy! I don’t really enjoy sewing, but love making my own things, and getting the result I want. So now I keep walking into our room, allowing the peace and serenity to soak into my soul, and look at my baby items. 🙂


Left over flannel from Enzo’s nursery.



I looove minky!









I searched for a while for the perfect, inexpensive bedspread for our room/nursery. I love this one! It fit’s like a dream.



Today I am working (between laundry and kids…) on recipes. I now have a stack of recipes printed out for Mom to use when she comes! It was good to look through my recipes again, and I feel like making some of them now! But I do need to pace myself slightly… 🙂

Speaking of recipes, I put some new ones onto this blog. I wince when I think of how badly I have done at adding recipes on here! It will improve someday. Just…not priority this year. 

Baby has dropped. The amazing thing is, unless I am having a contraction, I am much more comfortable! I am guessing that it took pressure off my back. I also don’t look as enormous as I did before she dropped. Funny how all that works. 🙂


So stay tuned. 😉 I hit 37 weeks on Wednesday. The fact that Enzo was born soon after that milestone makes me dance in anticipation! But truth is, who knows? Only God! I could go a couple more weeks. I am measuring ahead. So we’ll see… 🙂


Peace on your weekend. 


The “N” Word.

So yeah.

Just me, over here, nesting like a crazy woman!

Even Craig was nesting on Saturday, painting the two, gold walls in our room to a lovely white. 🙂 🙂

img_4741  img_4744

Okay, he wasn’t nesting. He just loves me. A lot.

And the coolest story with that dresser/change table! It’s exactly like the one we got before Enzo was born. It’s my dream dresser/change table. The other one we paid heavily for. But we love it. Classy. Attractive. Streamlined. Easy to clean. Lots of space. Good drawer movement. With Baby Girl on the way, I started looking online. I found several on craigslist…for a price. Then! On the buy/sell/swap page of facebook, I found one for $50 (instead of $200!) because of the broken drawer fronts! Yeah!!!! God giving me a gift. 

We are turning our bedroom into a nursery, and it’s so fun! A temporary nursery, so we’re not going too crazy with it. But so fun.


I’m going with lavender, as the girls’ room in our new house will be lavender. I found all these frames at Recycling Time (local) for $5! The paint cost another $5, and I am having so much fun with it! 



I think baby is coming soon. But we’ll just wait and see! I’m at 37 weeks on Wednesday. Give me a couple more days to sew a bit and finish details for the room and baby things, and we’ll be ready!!


I can’t wait. So excited!

I’ve also been working on Christmas decor. I know it won’t be in my mind after Baby Girl makes her appearance. So that has been fun too!

Saturday was my Bible Study day. I have been having so many braxton hicks contractions every day…I really wondered about even going. But Craig said he will go too and we’ll take all the kids…so we did. Lo, the ladies surprised me with a baby shower! It blessed me beyond words. 🙂 They are such lovely friends…and amazing mentors. 




The diaper cake. Magnificent. Made by my friend Jennifer. So much love in every detail!











And just a few snippets yet from the Bible Study…

Yvonne talked about Jehosaphat. And the battle that was completely fought by the Lord. Wherein they simply needed to do three things…

Take their place.



They did not need to fight. They simply needed to take their position. And Stand. 

And they were praising before anything even happened. They sent their praise team out first! Before the fighters!

And the army turned on each other. 

This happened in The Valley of Blessing.

Not every time is it a mountain where we are blessed. 

This was a valley. 

And it took three days to pick up all the blessings (spoil) from that place.



Peace be on your week. 



I think that John 17 is one of the most beautiful passages in Scripture. It flows with gentle love. Truth. The aching heart of our Saviour, about to die. And, to me, it opens a little trap-door into the heart of Jesus and the Father. Before my eyes, my heart, is a snippet of Jesus’ heart for us. So clear. No questions. There it is. Love.


I pray for them…Father, protect them by Your Name…

So that they may be One, as we are One.

I pray not only for these, but for all those who will believe on me through their message.

(That always pours into my heart with delight and longing. Jesus prayed for me–there!!)

And then, He comes back to what was on His heart that night…

May they all be One, as You, Father, are in Me, and I am in You. 

May they also be One in Us. 

So the world may believe You sent Me.


This past week, as I watched events unfold in our world of today, I felt the shock waves. Not so much about who won the election. But I felt a sense of shock as I watched amazing, lovely people unwind in disbelief, anger, jubilation, joy, fear, screaming, and division. There is no middle ground. I get that. But I didn’t know that the election would bring us to this. Us being the followers of Jesus. 

And as the week progressed, I felt this cry of Jesus’ echoing in my heart.

May they all be One, as You, Father, are in Me, and I am in You.

May they be One in Us…


Then we went to church this morning. And Mr. Michael preached…on unity. Unity in the whole Body of Christ. Not just talking about unity in our local, little part of the Body. But the entire Body of Christ. 

May they ALL be One…

It exploded into my soul. All. Jesus prayed that we would ALL be One. 

And this blog post, my friend…began to burn in my heart. 


And of all the posts I have ever written, none is so much about a weakness and sin of my own, than this one. 

Back when we were Mennonite, I had no idea how much I was walking blatantly against this heart cry of Jesus. How much I was buried in my own world. And how much I rejected others. 

And now, being out of that world, I am realizing that I turn around, and do the same thing, out of completely different motives and fears…in rejecting the Mennonite world. Exact turn around. Both wrong. 

That was maybe more honest than you really wanted me to be. But I see this. And God is changing it. He is working His Oneness in my heart.


How deeply I am blessed, and how much I love to worship, learn, and fellowship with my Bible Study group, Vinelife Ministries. 

How grateful I am for The Nondenominational Texas House of Prayer, and the small group of believers there whom we worship with every Sunday, and learn from and are so incredibly blessed by them. 

And how much I am blessed by my Mennonite friends and relatives. And how much I love them. And see God in them. 

May they ALL be One…


Today Michael spoke of how…when we believers come closer and closer to the heart of the Father, we come together. We are unified. We are One.

…as You, Father, are in Me, and I am in You.


I believe that a lot of the reason believers are divided is simple. 


Fear that our kids will adopt “wrong teachings”. Fear that we will lose people out of our denomination. Fear that we might…change?

And fear is never from God.


Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Not politics.

Not a president. 

Not life, or death.

He has us. We do not need to fear. 



My dream is to see the day when believers of every stripe and every type…

come together in unity and power.

Because that is what Jesus prayed.

Of all the things He could have prayed for us.

He cried out to His Father…

That they would ALL be One.




Of the Heart and Baby Girl

Preparation for Baby Girl is in full swing.


We took our house off the market until January, for financial reasons. I was quite relieved and happy! One week of showings…with ten showings in all…it was about enough to put this pregnant mother under! But hey, it was our choice. No one else’s. 🙂 


After that…I seemed to settle into Baby Mode.


I knew, since the day I found out that I was pregnant, that I had heart work to do. And I was fine with that! This has been a year of heart work, and God has been so gracious and gentle and wise and amazing. The resulting peace is that I am more at rest this pregnancy/birth than I have ever been before. And that is while nearly every part of our life is in transition of some sort. But God is good that way. 


See, I have had fairly traumatic birth experiences. My first baby’s birth was easily the hardest. He was born with pitocin, in a strange country, and pulled out with vacuum suction after extreme back labor. After being over-the-top excited about having a baby of my own, I was instead traumatized, torn asunder, and more overweight than I ever dreamed possible for this skinny, little lady. It wasn’t at all what I dreamed of. 

I have had, in the past, this inexplicable ability to optimism. I’m talking about optimism that is way past realism. I happily looked forward to my next baby, which turned out to be babies, believing that it would be fine. It was, honestly, better in many ways. But I wound up with a c-section for one of the twins, because she was breech, and the doctor on call that night did not deliver second twin breech. They came just a few days before my midwife could deliver them. I had back labor with them again. But they came fast. The recovery was a bit rough, especially with three babies in my arms. 

With Enzo’s birth, I had learned so much about natural birth and my options. I had an amazing set of midwives at a lovely birth center down here in Texas. I was determined to birth naturally, with no medication. I also wanted to deliver him myself. In the water. I got what I fought for, but I still had extreme back labor, and he came out with a purple, compressed head, which showed that something wasn’t…aligned properly. It was really cool. But honestly, I was so traumatized from the pain that I had little to no euphoria. I just wanted to scream at anyone who hurt me in any way in the next hours. I bonded really well with Enzo, but it came later.

With this baby, however, things are different. The eternal optimism of my past has (in a general way in my life) been replaced with a growing faith and trust in my Father, and His good, good heart. I don’t just blindly believe this will be a good birth.


I have heard from my Father, that it will be. 


I wasn’t actually going to share that with you. Until after the fact. That has kind of been my style. After the evidence is in, I tell you about the twins being healed of absence seizures. Once my glucose levels came down, then I shared that miracle with you. I want to share the amazing things God is doing…to show the world His glory. But you know…in a safe way. 🙂

But God has been working in these pockets of my soul. And I’m going to refuse to hide in fear. Or doubt. Or safe quietness.


I believe that Baby Girl’s birth is going to be amazing.

She has a call on her life. 

I am given the high honor of being her mother. 


I believe that for me, fear had a lot to do with the level of pain I have had in my labors. But I also have a pelvis shaped for posterior positions for babies. I have had four fingers of diastasis, (abdominal muscle separation) (since my twin pregnancy), which has made for very difficult last trimesters with back pain, as those are the abdominal muscles responsible to support the back. With Enzo’s pregnancy, I had the addition of it being a vbac, and hearing all about thick scar tissue wasn’t key. 

But I am learning to take seriously what Jesus said in Mark 16. He said that those who believe, will then lay hands on the sick, and they will be healed. That’s us. Baby was posterior one week, at my chiropractor visit. (My chiropractor is amazing! She is highly trained in helping with pregnancy and babies.) That weekend, my friend and mentor placed her hands on my stomach and (without knowing that she was posterior), commanded her to be aligned. The next week, she was in a lovely position at my chiro visit. She does a lot of moving around. 🙂 Despite what it feels like, she has space in there. But I am no longer afraid of a posterior labor. I am learning that we have authority, given to us by Jesus Himself, to speak healing. Health. 

And maybe the biggest thing I am learning, through much failing and getting back up, is simply that much is done, according to my faith. That was such a recurring theme in the New Testament. When Jesus saw the faith of people who did not even deserve to be healed, He healed them. 

There is a lot of “bad stuff” surrounding “this healing thing”. The devil always works hard to mess up truth, and God’s works. He puts out counterfeits. He puts out a lot of fear. He throws lies around. 

My journey is to set all that aside. And simply read His Word, listen to His heart, and walk what He has for me to walk. 


This birth? It’s a huge part of that. 

I will walk forward in faith and excitement. 


I have no fear for this birth. 


I will walk into it with my Father. Into everything He has for me and for us in this time. 


So there is the present snippet of this journey. Sharing it for those of you who are reaching. 

We can do this! 

Because of Him.

This Crazy Life I Live

I decided, instead of selling the house and having ten showings a week, I’ll spend my *extra time teaching three kids how to read and write and do arithmetic. 🙂 

Sense the sarcasm?

It’s like…I’m looking around, trying to find more ways to make my life crazy. 


But this morning, despite the constant pain in my back, and the round ligament cramps that screamed at me, I reclaimed a good portion of my house. So now I am sitting in my lovely living room, with the soft, ambiance of two lamps, kids playing happily, and I think…hey, I can do this!

Ah yes, and I am drinking a pot of hot, rooibos tea.

I mean, one feels that they can do anything!

Or maybe not.

We did take the house back off the market. After one week, and ten showings, I was completely crashed. But the real reason we took it off was that we need to wait until January for financial stuff to work out. Which works oh, so much better baby wise as well!

We do have one showing tomorrow evening. They want to see it now, and are willing to wait to get in until January. Sounds nice!

And then the three kids…


They are begging to learn to read and write. Really. Bomani writes long sentences the best he can. “Mom, I want to read!



So I said, how can I, as their mother, just…say no?


And so I studied out my options. Made it a matter of prayer. Craig and I talked at length.

So not sure yet exactly which direction we will go…but I will do something. 🙂 Abeka. CLP. Not sure. Online…or I’ll teach them. Not sure. 


Or we will become independently wealthy, and I will hire someone to do my housework, and I’ll nurse a baby and teach my other kids how to read.



Right now I have no help with the housework. But when I found that I was losing my help, I just had peace. God’s got this. The lovely girl I used to pay to come once a week is no longer available. But God has this, really. 


So there are the new developments in my life. 🙂


Oh yes, and this. This was last week. So I am even bigger this week. 🙂 At 35 weeks…I’m thinking surely I’ll have this little princess before long!


This little booger keeps us laughing and busy around here…


No shirt, no shoes…oh wait. Shoes. 




A hundred and counting…



Just a fantastic weekend ladies sleepover at Lake Granbury. Amazing things God did.





May your week be blessed!


This Thing Of Raising Children

Back (like…waaaay back) in my single days, I had kids. Lots of them. I taught Sunday School. I taught Bible School every year for a while. I taught music at the grade school. I taught first, second, and third grades. In Kenya? I had kids ministries. 

My brother used to tell me that he was really glad there was never any chance of him being my child. Because I was strict. No nonsense. I tolerated nothing. And they listened. They respected me. I’m not bragging, I’m just sayin’. I knew what I was doing. I felt confident. I loved it! And they loved me. Like, seriously, I’m not just saying that. They loved me even though I trained them hard. The kids in Kenya. They were my little friends. They adored me. My kids in school. They loved me.

And so I sailed forth into this thing called motherhood with a fair bit of confidence. 🙂

And now is where we sit down and laugh until we cry. Then we cry. 

Because dear friends.

I don’t know what I’m doing. 

No idea.

You can ask me all day long where the difference lies. And all day long I’ll just sit and laugh and cry. Because I don’t really know.

I just know? That I don’t know what I’m doing.

I have these kids as mine, 24/7. And for a good third of that time, they are solely mine. Because their dad works a third of that time. And they sleep another third. And so friends, if I don’t do this right, nobody will.

I have very little space for nonsense and fighting. I am not a patient, sweet mom who sits and gently corrects them a couple times a day. I train hard. And it seems like all day long, all I am doing it teaching them right from wrong.

That actually sounds good. But being really honest, it’s more like frustration and at times yelling. Couple 5 and 6 year olds with mom being uncomfortable and sometimes in pain pretty much every two minutes. Not pretty.

And throw in a darling one year old who has taken everything I thought I ever knew about training kids, and thrown it to the wind…

But I want my kids to learn kindness, respect, and goodness. I want them to be nice kids. I want other kids to be nice kids. So I want my kids to be nice kids too.

Which is why…when I go on my morning walks…I just find myself looking up at my Father, and asking for wisdom…He told us we can ask anytime. When we need it.

And dear boys and girls. I need it.

And then He goes and does this.

We are attending a really cool church called Nondenominational Texas House of Prayer. It’s small, and almost entirely made up of families in our stage of life. Which means a ton of kids! And there is this lovely lady who teaches Sunday School before church begins. She is passionate about it. She is good. She is amazing. I sat in last Sunday. And my heart was just overcome with gratefulness.

She is passionate about deviating from the easy teaching of Bible Stories, to teaching them doctrine. Teaching them about the Holy Spirit. Teaching them the attributes of God.

At first I was like…kids? My kids will get bored.

Instead, there are questions. These kids ask questions. My kids ask questions until I hear myself saying, again and again, “ask your dad when he comes home…” because how do you break that down for a child? (Their favorite argument for a while was whether or not God and Jesus are the same person. How do you solve that one?)

My kids talk about things that make my heart soar! I love the teaching they are getting.

(For instance, Hazel: “God will never leave us! Except for Saul.”) 🙂 🙂 🙂 

But I don’t want to be lazy and leave it to the Sunday School teacher.

This past weekend I was privileged to be a part of a Ladies’ Sleepover in Granbury. It was beyond amazing. Beyond.

Besides everything God did for me personally, He blasted my heart out of my skin with this idea:

“What if, instead of teaching and teaching and teaching our children right from wrong, we simply bring them back to God. Constantly. Bring them back to God. Bring them to the character of God.”

I sat there, my mouth possibly hanging open. 

Yes. My heart said, Yes, yes, yes.

Because I really want my kids to soak in the character of God. To know it while they are young. And please God…to know it in accuracy and truth.

And I can just see that knowledge, that…truth in their souls…making a difference in their behavior. Their little hearts. 

And so I’m thinking on this. 

And really needing your prayers for this last marathon of pregnancy. I am super uncomfortable. This week, somehow, baby seems to be pushing all boundaries. I could go as soon as three weeks, as Enzo was born at 37 weeks! But It could be six. 🙂 I need to do this, and I need to do it without yelling at my kids every day for the next month. 

I told Craig that I have the feeling that the beautiful verses I am printing out to hang up on my walls, are more for the next month than for the labor and delivery.

So…thank you for your prayers…your love…

May your day be blessed!


Just What I Have Been Learning…Along With More Questions Than Ever Before…

I’ve been on an entirely new, strange (for me), and unusual journey this past year. 

You have found snippets of it on my blog.

Maybe it’s time to be more…comprehensive. 🙂

There is one reason I share with you: obedience to my Father.

And I am passionate for those of you whose hearts are reaching for these things, to hear from my journey…in case it helps even in a tiny way. 

Those were two reasons. But there you have it.

I’m not trying to convince anyone, or win an argument. I’m just…sharing my experiences and my life. 

(Which is one reason I would never do this on facebook. Haha! Fb seems to be the best avenue to argue in ways you never would in person. But that’s another story. So…)

I never had an enormous health issue. Just…didn’t have the greatest immune system. Had a stomach ulcer that at times stuck around for weeks. And other niggling issues. 

But I also longed for more in my heart with my Father. And these two things…they merged as I walked…

I was about to try a serious GAPS style diet to heal up my gut. I had numerous gut issues, and knew that a lot of the rest of your health comes out of your gut health. I passionately pursued natural remedies and believed that much of food as we in this age eat it, was not helpful to us. Honestly, I don’t even remember everything I tried and believed.

Then a friend suggested I check out Be In Health. I did. It resonated with my heart, and Craig and I attended their conference in Dallas. That was awesome. After that, I had some phone calls with their counselors, as I worked to get rid of fear, generational issues, and other sins that…I was pretty much just used to living and dealing with. My health improved. My ulcer improved. And yes…it was and is a process…

Later in the year, I crashed with allergies. I had them pretty much all the time. Congestion. Sneezing. Not sleeping well. I looked ahead at my life and said, I can’t live like this. I have a husband and kids to take care of.

I had read the book When Pigs Move In by Don Dickerman. As their ministry is located about an hour north of us in Dallas, I made an appointment and went. Honestly, there I found sort of…the end of my journey of searching for help, in many ways. It’s hard core, but it’s not frightening. It’s just real. And it taught me so much about how to keep junk out. Keep it from being allowed to oppress me. How to get rid of stuff I keep finding along the way of life. Etc.

So there is the first part of my journey this year. All leading up to the next part that God had planned from the beginning of time…

Earlier in the year, I attended a Ladies’ Seminar by Vinelife Ministries. I believe I wrote about this in an earlier post. But at any rate, there I witnessed people prophesying and praying in ways I had for a long time, wondered about. Are my ways of praying what Jesus really taught? What the apostles really lived?

I am now in a Bible Study with a few of the Vinelife ladies. I am learning a lot about listening to the Father. Studying out His Word. And believing.

To have my mentors speak a word from God for me (us), and have it be just what Craig’s mentor has spoken for him…that’s really cool.  I’m not going to argue with that. 

And so I’m learning to walk in expectation and faith. That everything that God has said, He will do. 

This part of the journey (which is still continuing!) had to do with our business. For several months, we had no jobs come in, except for a one or two day job one time. This flew directly in the face of what God had said He would do for us and our business. It took an enormous measure of…I don’t know what all…to wake up every morning, and tell God that I believe Him, and am walking in expectation and hope. Some mornings I just crashed. But bit by bit, God was chipping away at things in my heart that are not good, and replacing it with truth…hope…faith…

I have so many questions. So much I don’t understand. So many things I ask God as I walk down our grassy lane in the morning as the sky lightens above me.

I am learning that God’s heart is so good. And as a good, good Father, He would never harm us. 

I am learning that God wants us to thrive in every way. 

I am learning that God does not want us to be sick.

After Yvonne spoke healing for our twins with their seizures, I went on the first part of the intense faith of this journey of health. Honestly, as I walked forward, refusing fear, refusing doubt, standing on God’s Word, they were healed. They had less and less seizures and I have seen no seizures for a while now. 

Somehow, this is terribly hard. Much, much harder than pulling teeth. So many, many doubts scream at me. So many things do not appear to be healed. So much is not the slick, easy healing thing I wish for. But I walk forward. I look for truth from my Father. And I am okay with having so many questions and cries.

Here are some Scriptures that I cannot disregard…Scriptures that I stand on…and there are so many more…


He was despised and rejected by men, a man of suffering who knew what sickness was. He was like one people turned away from; He was despised, and we didn’t value Him.
Yet He Himself bore our sicknesses, and He carried our pains; but we in turn regarded Him stricken, struck down by God, and afflicted.
But He was pierced because of our transgressions, crushed because of our iniquities; punishment for our peace was on Him, and we are healed by His wounds.
He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that, having died to sins, we might live for righteousness; by His wounding you have been healed.
I’m going to insert something here. I believe that he is speaking about spiritual healing as well. Healing from our sin. But for me, so much physical healing took place as I found spiritual healing, freedom from oppression, freedom from my own past choices of sin, freedom from generational bondage that I do not want to pass on to my beautiful children. And more…
Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.
 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In My name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new languages;
 they will pick up snakes; if they should drink anything deadly, it will never harm them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will get well.
I assure you: The one who believes in Me will also do the works that I do. And he will do even greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.
I study out what Jesus did when He was on earth. He healed every person who came to Him in faith. He healed physically, and He healed spiritually. He forgave sins, and in the next breath, healed their disease. 
I believe. And I have so many of the exact same questions you do. And I came from a place of having so very little faith, that in truth…I’m guessing that most of the time, it was more like no faith. 
And so I’m learning. Walking. Excited. Exhausted. 

A New Day

I love my morning walk. Love. Today could not have been more perfect.

And it’s a new day!

Even after a night of getting up multiple times cuz the kids are all having congestion and drainage…and Enzo kept yelling every couple hours…

I still feel amazing this morning. 🙂

Possibly because it’s such a stark contrast to how I felt last night! 

Yesterday we had six house showings. Six. I cleaned the house to sparkling by 10:00 am, and the kids and I were out of there. 

1025161045 1025161106a

We drove to Burleson, looking at a house for sale (driving by) on the way. Which the kids hate by now. “Mom…we aren’t going to look at houses, are we??!” 🙂

Then we went to McDonald’s…ate nasty food, then they played (and played hard!) on the playground for an hour or two. Like, seriously…there are no comfortable seats in that playground area. And Enzo made me climb to the top of that contraption to get him. It was not made with pregnant women about to give birth…in mind. 

Then we had ice cream. And went home. We had an hour and a half or so, before we had to jet out of our house again. I tried giving the three youngest and myself a nap. Didn’t work very well. The four kids were all struggling with congestion stuff, and grumpy. And hungry. Again. And I was desperately trying to keep the house perfect, because we still had four more showings…

After a snack, we piled into the van again. This time we went to our local library. I must admit I enjoyed that quite a bit more than the groaty McDs!

1025161504a 1025161504


I considered the fact that maybe God was getting me to stop working and think about how fun it is to spend time with the kids…

Cuz it was fun.

Seriously, these are the best days of our life. Best. And possibly craziest.

By evening, my uterus was so tight, my back hurt. My feet were swollen. My entire body screamed to lie down. We spent the last couple hours at my friend Amber’s house. She is a life saver. She said we can just come over anytime. So next time we have showings? I’m not dragging my kids all over town. I’m going to Amber’s house. Amen. 

And that was yesterday. Today I requested no showings. I will rest. Sew. Cook. Hug my kids. At home. 🙂 I feel this amazing, free feeling! 


Seriously. Who would not want Craig on their roof?!



House hunting. And we saw this gorgeous, sort of nautical, dark gray house, with white trim. The house is too big and not for sale. 🙂 But the colors? Pick me!!


Coop painting. They LOVE coop.


Cauliflower curry with vinegared fresh veggies from the garden. 


Enzo playing with ants on the floor. 


This was after he got into ants outside, and had a ton of welts on his legs and feet! He just fussed a little. I was amazed. Tough Texas boy! (His sisters? Drama and shrieking with one, little ant bite…) 🙂


My local Nutrition store now carries Lily’s Chocolate Chips. There goes any food budget we ever had…



A few fuzzy, yellow pics of my living room after I invested $50 or so in some accents, and had it pristine and sparkling. So fun. 



Just matching with my Annabelle. (P.S. I’m kind of sad that we used the name Annabelle for Daisy. Because now we can’t use it for new baby girl, and I love it!)





He loves his stuffed animals. 🙂 And I love him…


When you’re not sure when you’ll get to cook again…


“Let me do this by myself!” Okay. Bath coming up…

And with that, I will leave you to enjoy your blessings today!



This past year has been…amazing, tumultuous, difficult, fantastic, full of love, life, and goodness. 

And this might just take the cake. 


On Saturday evening, our house and property went on the market. Yeah. With our consent. 🙂 

And I could have this baby in five weeks. 

Here is what led up to it. (Since this might keep you from saying…okay, officially crazy. No more friends with her…)

Over the year, God has moved us from our own other dreams, (missions, developing these lovely, 5 acres into a permaculture farm, etc.) to focusing on our business. He wants Craig in the business world for some reason, here in DFW, Texas. This all became more and more clear as the year went on. 

Along with that, the realization hit that this property will not work long term. We have terrible access. Seriously. Sometimes when it rains, I would not dare to take the van through the legal access road. It’s like a third world country. We have a short cut we have been able to use ever since we moved here three years ago. But we have no promise of tomorrow for that. And, a semi loaded with our roofing products still could not use the short cut. Amen.

So in other words, we have had to rent a shed for our business, and have no real impetus to turn this property into our dream home. Not anymore. There are a few other reasons that culminated in our being open to relocating. 

But it wasn’t even really a point of conversation between Craig and I. Then we received a letter in the mail, randomly, from a realtor wondering if we’d want to sell. 

And so that started things off! The market, here, is beyond hot right now. We should be able to sell for a good $50,000 higher than we bought it for three years ago. But the timing…I know…

Honestly, I could not do this without my amazing, sweet neighbor, Yolanda. I know very little Spanish, and she knows very little English, but we use google translate, motions, and she helps me so much! She was bored at home, saw that I was swimming in kids and housework and being pregnant, and she comes a couple days a week to babysit and/or clean and do housework. My life immediately took a turn for the better! 

But after having the house gorgeous and clean for one realtor Tuesday night, then our friend realtor whom we are going with, later in the week, as well as business friends that week for tea, and then the next week, getting the house ready for professional pictures…I was truly wondering if I’m in over my head. Keeping this house clean is a feat for only the brave and strong. And right now, I am not very brave or strong…

But God’s got this. I was spazzing around one morning about what we will buy. What if I hate it? I like this house! I made it my own! I have a lovely kitchen! I live in my kitchen! What if…what if….???!! And God said, hey, I have this. I know what you need and what you want. I am LOVE. I am GOOD. I’ll take care of you. 

Since then, I’ve had peace. Amen.

But now I’m heading into the first full week after listing. And we already had one showing yesterday, and one cancellation yesterday. Which means I had Craig’s help to get the house perfect, and to take the kids and leave while they came. This is Monday morning. We have another showing for this morning at 11:30. And seriously, I get only two hours of notice, unless I’m lucky. 

So when I’m not trusting God, I think…what about those times I am cooking up a storm, my kitchen is covered with things, my house is a tornado, and I’m exhausted and having a uterus that is screaming to lie on it’s side?

That’s where God comes in. And Yolanda. 🙂 🙂

But here I am, asking for prayer. Prayer for strength, peace, and rest. Right now. Prayer for God’s buyer to come, if He wants us to sell now. Prayer for direction to the right place for us, if He wants us to move in the next couple months. 

Thank you, dear friends!

Here’s the listing if you want to see our cute house. 🙂 (P.S. The feedback from the showing last evening was that the access road killed the deal, but the house was super cute inside! At least I know I’ve done my part…) 🙂