Discovering Grace

A Mom on the Road of Discovering Grace

This is my Wildflowerdays Blog. Here you will find slices of my life. They may be served up in the form of a recipe, a new technique for surviving the wild, delightful days of motherhood, or simply a broken prayer to my Father. I am a daughter of God, working on growing up. I am a stay at home chef on a budget. I make soap. Welcome to my humble space. 


Crazy Ness.

That’s my life right now. I know. You’re tired of the stuck record. But where did all this stuff come from?! I have so many amazing, fun, delightful things to do that I wish I wouldn’t need to sleep! And I get so overtired and then grumpy. What a weird combination. :) 

So like about Friday I found out that we are Host Family for Sunday lunch. I considered, for a minute, taking the wide, easy road and welcoming only visitors. :) But then I started thinking about how much fun it would be to have everyone over and so I took the narrow path. Ha ha! Sorry, I’m cracking myself up. :) But I really wanted to do it without running for groceries. Like, use what I happen to have in the house. Cuz I had already done my grocery run. 

And then, Saturday was really fun…but crazy! We went with our friends Chris and Shannon and family, to the Chisholm Trail Museum here in Cleburne. We were there for hours and had so much fun!

IMG_3351 IMG_3353

There was a scavenger hunt for the kids. They needed to find each set of footprints in the building.

IMG_3355 IMG_3356 IMG_3357 IMG_3358 IMG_3359 IMG_3360

I asked the kids later if they had fun. Daisy, of course…mentioned how she likes her friends…


Then we came home and got ready for Sunday. Made food. Cleaned house. Tried to keep all kids alive. 

Sunday was quite good. Really enjoyed having a house full again! (Oh yes, I did go to HEB for a few things at 6:30 am.) That afternoon, I considered hibernating in a hole for the winter. But…the week rolled on without mercy…

I’m working on my very first very real sourdough bread. I’m still trying to get in the groove of our new eating style. I’m trying to cook extra for Michele, whose arm is in a sling. Granola made. Bible Study with kids. Laundry. And then…

Somehow we got into chiggers…we were outside Sunday evening, and not real careful because the chiggers  have backed off recently. Monday Hazel got up with a lining of bites worse than anything you want to begin to imagine. She was miserable and fussy all day. I have bites. Everyone has bites. Even Enzo has a bite. And these are not ordinary. They itch enough to send you to insanity. Hazel spent hours in the bathtub yesterday…it was the only way I could get anything done. I’m afraid she’s falling into her mother’s footsteps. I attract every sort of bite under the sun, and Craig happily lives his life right next to me…

Last evening we went to Amber’s house so Craig could fix her toilet. We came home just before 9:00. I made bread. In a later chapter, I’ll explain. :) In all fairness, it took about 7 minutes. :)

I am making crock pot blueberry preserves. At least we hope so. At this point, I wouldn’t stake my life on it being tasty…

Enzo screamed for hours this morning instead of sleeping. Pushing teeth? Dunno. I just know that by lunchtime when I was trying to finish the granola, hang out the laundry, and get some quesadillas made, I was screaming too, only in a different way. Sigh. 

Tomorrow forenoon all three of the oldest hoodlums have their first dentist appointments. Yippee. I think I’ll be alive by the time we return home from that small excursion.

I’ll let you know if it’s different. 

And then…because I was wondering what to do in my spare two minutes this week, I went and scheduled a fall photo shoot for our family pics and individual pics. I had to do it this week if I wanted a fantastic deal! So suddenly, tomorrow evening is a photo shoot. And so tonight I’m going to run and try to find a few pieces of perfect clothing for the men in my life. 

And by way of confession, the granola I made this morning is beyond perfection. It’s gourmet. And in a fit of rebellion, I made it with no recipe, and measured nothing. I am going to suffer every bit as much as you are. I cannot replicate it. Deep sigh. But it was sooo much fun…

I wonder if I need a cup of coffee? With lots of cream and milk? 

I will now close this small chapter of our lives. 

Good Coffee Beans

Craig and I aren’t regular coffee drinkers. As in…not every morning or every day. :) But we do love our creamy coffee drinks. I do decaf because I am quite caffeine sensitive and don’t want to send my system into overdrive. I’d rather work on real energy. :) But I do have the occasional need of a serious burst of strength. And you might wonder if the pink drink is real energy, for that matter. I wonder too. :) But I’m going to stay on it until I’m done nursing! 

But back on the subject…

Coffee beans are one of the most chemically treated crops in the world. Up to 250 pounds of chemical fertilizers are sprayed on coffee plants, per acre. When I found that out, I said…no way are we going to drink those residues. We are going organic! Organic coffee isn’t that much more expensive than non organic, so it wasn’t a hard decision.

But then I found out that there is a coffee that is roasted locally, grown in Central America, and although it is not certified organic, is chemical free in both production and processing. And yes, the decaf is swiss water processed. 

It also comes at a fantastic price. Shipping might bite you. But as we live here, we have free access! If you ever want to skip the shipping, order a five pound bag just before we come visit you. :) I’d love to stick a bag or two into a suitcase! 

There are several reasons I’m sharing this on my blog. The main one is that we have found this to be a tasty and really good coffee. And it’s clean. Big perk. :) Ha ha. 

And also…and maybe this is really the main reason. Javataza coffee comes from Central America. Buying it helps our friends there who we don’t even know, but still…are our friends. This part of Texas has between 40 and 45% Latinos. (That is Fort Worth statistics.) I love Latinos. They are awesome! I love going to the supermarket and feeling like I just may be in the minority. I love having Latino neighbors. My friend from church? Costa Rican. Love her. 

And so it follows that I love buying Javataza Coffee. Check out their website. Read their story. I have personally been told by a worker that it is really difficult to run this business on so little…but they do it to help our friends in Central America. 

And it makes a delicious brew. 

What’s not to love? 

Javataza Coffee


My Back Pain and What Jesus Has Done For Me

I’m reading through the Gospels in the chronological Bible right now. I keep reading these stories…and how the people who were healed went and told everyone they knew, “What Jesus has done for me”. 

That’s what I am about to do. I want to share this for others like me…who are praying to learn how to pray and how these things work.

I don’t know how these things work. Does pain and sickness always come from the enemy? Is some of it allowed by God as in Job’s case? (an oft quoted case…) In Job’s case, I might point out, it still came from the enemy. 

And so, a lot of times, I pray that God would heal me or my kids or my husband…or others I love. I pray that IF this is coming from the enemy, that it would leave. 

We live in a fallen world. Things happen because of sin. Sin in the beginning, and sin now. I don’t believe that I deserve to be exempt from all suffering. 

But then…there are times when I am desperate, and I pray. And the stuff goes away. Bam. Gone. So what to make of that??? I don’t know. But here is what I want to share with you…

I am a mom with four little kids. I have a lot of work to do on my feet. A lot of lifting. A lot of hard work. I love working hard and fast, then earning myself a mug of creamy coffee or tea…and a little read…

Several weeks ago, I got tight and sore all up my back, into my shoulders and neck. I was miserable. It was really hard to do my work! It was really hard to be patient and gentle. I did not have the luxury of lying in bed half the day. (Who does?) :) A massage helped for a little. An adjustment helped, but did not cure it.

Ever since then, my lower back has been giving me lots of trouble. The aching muscles in my arm are fine. My upper back is better. But if I did anything even a little too hard with lifting or twisting, my lower back would scream at me until I went to the chiropractor. And then a day or two later, it would be aching and throbbing again. It hurt when I sat. It hurt sometimes even lying down. I put Enzo’s crib a foot or so away from my bed so I wouldn’t be twisting in a sitting position anymore. It helped a little. But didn’t take care of it. 

I got even busier. I pay my chiropractor by making home cooked food for her. She loves it. It really helps us. I cooked. I went to see her. I cooked more food. Went to get adjusted again. I began to wonder when this will end…?

Several days ago, I was thinking about one of Craig’s cousins, and what he believes. He believes that anything that will not be present in heaven, he has every right to pray against. 

I stood up (inwardly) and prayed something like this:

“The trouble I’m having with my back going out, the soreness, pain, all that–I stand against in Jesus’ Name. Leave. I command my back to be healed. To become strong and healthy. In Jesus’ Name. And I speak this into existence in every realm.” (There are different spiritual realms…and please don’t ask me to explain it. :) )

I immediately felt a difference. In my mustard seed faith, I decided not to tell Craig about it until I knew it was well. It is now several days later. I wake up in the morning, wanting to shout and sing…my back doesn’t hurt! I lift things. But I am still careful. :) I know I need to take care of myself and take measures to be healthy. As long as I’m still nursing, I have the relaxin hormone in my system. But the constant pain no matter how careful I was…? Gone. 

Something that helps me to become brave when praying, we learned from an old saint who helped us with these things a year ago. He told us that when Jesus told His disciples…”Greater things than these shall ye do!”…that meant that His disciples would do even more amazing things than He Himself had done. We are His disciples. 

So seriously, comments are welcome! But please don’t expect me to answer a lot of questions. :) I have a ton of them myself. Not everything I pray just goes away. Right now Hazel is absolutely lined with chigger bites. Worse than you ever want to see on anyone. And no amount of praying has taken away the terrible itching. We live here. On earth.

And yet…what about all the healing Jesus did? And expected His disciples to do? 

Just a little testimonial. 




Recipe Stuff

A few more things on the recipes. 

One: I dislike when I’m looking for a recipe and I need to read through two feet of text and pictures before I can finally get to the recipe card. So I’m going to cut through the extra rambles on the recipe posts. I will state what I need to and then–recipe card!

Two: The recipes that go onto my blog are recipes I want to make again. So they may not always land on the blog in their perfectly polished state. For instance, this morning I made an apple cake and what I’m going to call Cajun Bake. Neither are perfected, yet, both I want to make again. Thus, they will go onto my blog in the recipe that I want to try next time. Enjoy. :)

Three: I am reforming. :) I am particularly terrible at measuring when I bake. I LOVE to just get into the kitchen, pour this in, shake that, and spoon in the spices! But. If I make something smashing, I do not know exactly how to replicate it! And then…when people ask for the recipe…I mumble something about…not really having one…

So. Today when I cooked and baked, I measured. And wrote. And measured. And scribbled. Thus, you and I have a recipe. I feel a definite sadness. But it’s a step in the right direction! :) 


New Blog Look!

Hi friends!

As you can see…I’ve been busy. :) I had a few issues. Okay, a lot of issues. But with a little help from Craig, I used the Divi Builder and built my own theme style. As you can also see, I’m stuck on a few things. So I’m going to get some professional help from my neighbor. :) 

But! I’m excited! 

The new features are, of course, the Recipes index, the Crunchy Projects index, and the Healthy Days index. 

The Recipes index speaks for itself! With a cool drop-down menu, you can, with a single click, navigate to the page of Main Dishes, Desserts, or whatever you’re looking for. Of course, so far, this feature still needs a lot of help. And a lot more recipes. :) 

The Crunchy Projects index is for things like soapmaking, organizing my spice drawer, gardening, etc. 

The Healthy Days index will be posts, projects, and recipes for tinctures, herbal ideas, and what has helped us with our health. 

And then there is the Prayer button on the header. Every week I want to add my prayer for the week. You are welcome to join me in praying this prayer…for yourself, for me, for the world…



Time To Get Serious!

So, as you can tell…I’m working on the blog. :) With the foodie part of my blog, I’m ready to upgrade. Time to have a page you can go for recipes…both for you and for me. :) I’m dreaming of something super organized, but yes. For anything awesome, you gotta’ pay. :( :) So, here is the lovely, Daisy like interim look. And in the next week, I hope to bring to you a Wildflowerdays blog that works well not only for Mommy Blogging, but also for Foodie Blogging!

Ha ha. Trying to trick myself into thinking I’m a Food Blogger. But I guess I am. I blog about food. :)

And I am a Mommy Blogger because I blog about my childrens’ bowel movements, etc. :)

It’s late. I better get off the computer. For the general good of all.



Two Additions to My Last Post

Two important things I was going to say.

One: Fiber slows down the sugar thing that goes on in your body. That’s why you can eat a ton of beans and not feel nasty like you do when you eat a ton of corn or rice. That’s why God created fruit to be good for you. Fiber. Slows down the sugar thing. That’s my version. Ask someone like John or Linda for the real way to describe and explain it. :) And that “feel nasty” thing brings me to my next point:

Two: I go with my gut. Literally. Eating a lot of fat with a lot of carbs makes me feel nasty inside. Eating a cookie or two makes me feel nasty inside. (Think high sugar) So I believe those things are not good for me. Which brings me to my next point:

Three: I believe different people need different things. Different ways of eating. Different amounts of this or that mineral or vitamin or protein or fat or fiber. This is why some health products change some people’s lives but not others. 😉 So…we are on a mission to eat the best way for us! And hopefully Craig and I will need to exact same thing…or at least close! Cuz we’re married and it’s a lot of work to cook three different meals every day. :) The kids love rice and beans, but definitely not every concoction I come up with!

Okay, that was three. I know. Now, back to my laundry…

Food We Eat

So. I should be folding laundry with my kids. I’m working on teaching them to fold and put away their own clothes. This is slightly complicated by the fact that the twins share a lot of clothes. :)

But. I am inspired to post a bit on food.

See, we changed our eating style. And as I told Craig, I’m a blogger. So in a sense, my life is not my own. :) I owe it to you to explain and ramble away on what we are changing and why! So here’s a try at that. And hopefully (she holds her breath) in the process, I’ll understand it better myself. :) :)

Our journey to eating healthy began during my pregnancy with Bomani. But didn’t get very far. :) During the twin pregnancy, it took a few more leaps forward. But only after their birth, with much research and trying out different things, did we really gain some traction.

Our main issues are weight and my gut health.

I’m going to be fairly, uh, straightforward on here. So be warned. :)

Can you tell that most of my friends down here are midwives? Honestly, sometimes I freak out about my filter. I start talking about things with my non midwife friends and they are somewhat…appalled. Ha ha! That’s life. And yes, be warned. :)

So–I’ve had yeast issues since my pregnancy with the twins. I went mostly off sugar and carbs in an effort to get a better gut health. But honestly, what finally did the deed was when I went on Probio5 and Biocleanse. I’m good. And happy. :) And I’m very okay with taking Probio5 for the rest of my life. It’s the best probiotic I’ve taken and includes enzymes that are just as awesome. But the Biocleanse? It works. I am finally not constipated. I have been constipated for the better part of my life. :) :( But seriously. I mean, I should be able to poop on my own. I do not want to take that stuff forever! I am determined to wean myself off. But nothing was working.

For several years now we’ve been eating high protein, low carb. It helped some things. But neither of us at this point, are happy with our weight control. And my stomach ulcer comes and goes and then comes again with a vengeance. I finally got so weary of living with gut pain. It kept me from working hard for my family. And Craig got tired of not being able to control his weight. So we said, it’s time for change.

Then Craig listened to a podcast on the “High Protein” thing. And fiber. And the “Low Carb” thing. And the result was that we decided to try something different! Lower protein. Plant based. But not kicking meat and dairy out. Just about a third or less of what we were consuming.

The big thing that this dude pushed was fiber. (He’s a doctor by the way, and has helped a lot of people by putting them on high fiber diets.) He said that Americans do not consume nearly enough fiber! That made sense to me. Especially with my uh…troubles. :) And it’s hard to get enough fiber if you eat a lot of meat. So that’s what pushed us over the edge.

The other thing was that with our current budget, we cannot eat grass fed meat. Not if we eat a lot of meat. We hope to go to only grass fed beef and as we are eating very little dairy, we’ll cut out that non grass fed stuff too.

So we’re trying this! We are eating a lot of rice, beans, lentils, vegetables, and fruit. Stuff like that. I eat more meat than Craig does. And eggs. We still eat some, but I’m not going through them Used to need to stock up on like 6-8 dozen at a time. :)

Results? Within a few days, my stomach ulcer was 90% gone. I was amazed. Beef causes acid in your gut. Just the way it is. And I’m losing weight. Finally. (Yes, I’m still drinking something pink, but I’m quitting as soon as I’m done nursing.) And! I have hope of going off the Biocleanse! Just sayin’. :)

So for now, we’re doing this. I’ll post as we learn. :) And now you’ll get the huge change in recipes. It’s a little sad…just after I found the awesome Satisfying Eats blog! But hey, life is life. :)

Okay, gotta go take care of my hundred.


Life as We Are Living It

It’s been crazy. Okay. Beyond crazy. But a good, happy crazy.

First of all, we went to Kansas for a week. My Dad and Mary were on a three week furlough from their home in Jerusalem. That was more than reason enough to go trekking up to Kansas and spend some good time there! Not to mention that of course, we get to hang out with Craig’s family too. AND. Loyal and Arlene decided to have their baby born a couple days before we came. Tada! Got to see new baby cousin and nephew! And then other brother Tim and Gina decided to have their baby boy born. But they live in Virginia. Sad but true. :) Have I mentioned before that all of Craig’s married siblings (except John and Crystal!) and all of my married siblings are having babies this year? And we did too? Now, that’s cool. Why? Just cuz it’s fun. And because Enzo will have all manner of cousins to play with his entire life!


So…it was a bit crazy before we went to Kansas. I had sewing to do again. Packing. Keeping food on the table in the meantime. :) But I was ready for another road trip! So it was exciting.



We had some trouble getting our traction on the way up. :) First, there was a roof that Craig needed to go inspect that morning. And then, by the time we left, I was starving hungry! So we decided just to find a Chipotle in Fort Worth and eat before we really get driving. We found one. It was closed. It was 10:30 and they open at 11:00! Then with road work, we had some trouble getting out of there quickly. And then we stopped in Denton for Chipotle! We still use them as our primary eats on a road trip. Now that we are eating plant based instead of animal based foods, they still have what we need! Good, solid, clean food. Craig likes their tofu bowl. I had a veggie bowl that was really good too.




Oh yes. And Thursday evening, the night before we left, I went to Rhea Lana’s Kids Consignment Sale. Stocked up for another season! But I was exhausted and got to bed late. :) It was all worth the work…cuz it’s so fun to be at Grandma’s House in Kansas!


Ah yes. And Enzo decided to have a time of screaming on the drive up. Like, I can handle the growling and yelling. But when he loses it and cries so hard he can’t stop even when we pull off and I take him out? Nope. Can’t handle that. After he finally went to sleep, I ate a lot of chocolate. Unashamedly. What a relief to arrive!


We had lots of good times with my family! Was sooo good to see Dad and Mary again. And to meet the newest nephew on my side…Cedric!


Tristan and Bomani had lots of fun. They loved playing in the Rose Garden. We mostly hung out at Dad Millers. They graciously gave us the use of their house and grounds, there was lots of space for the two hundred kids to play and shriek and have fun. And I was making some meals, so that made it easier too.

IMG_3090 IMG_3091 IMG_3092

Something about the Rose Garden is very…calming and healing. I think a lot of us go there to think and pray and soak in God’s heart.

IMG_3094 IMG_3096

The week went well. Thank you so much for all your prayers, comments, care, and love. I was almost too busy to grieve much. But my back gave me a lot trouble for about a week and a half. It was sooo tight in so many places. The muscles in my arm hurt, like I had played softball. But it hurt for a week. A massage helped for a bit. An adjustment helped for a bit. But time did the most good. I’m guessing it was the way my body handled the hard week this year. God’s love…it was there. Always.

IMG_3099 IMG_3107

Above: a fun cousin evening at Victoria’s house!


Cole and Enzo! Due the same time…almost to the day. Enzo born early…Cole born late! They smiled at different times, so two pics. :)

IMG_3112 IMG_3113 IMG_3119 IMG_3120 IMG_3122 IMG_3123

My favorite picture of the week. Isn’t it darling?

IMG_3125 IMG_3128

They are such awesome Grandparents!

IMG_3129 IMG_3130 IMG_3131 IMG_3133 IMG_3134 IMG_3135

And of course, a most lovely time with my three friends at Brenda’s house…

IMG_3136 IMG_3137 IMG_3138 IMG_3141 IMG_3142 IMG_3143 IMG_3147 IMG_3148 IMG_3149

We didn’t get as much time with Craig’s family, but are looking forward to a big bash at Christmas time! Dad is taking us all to Colorado and the adventurous ones are going snowboarding!


Bomani is studying up on skiing. And every couple days, when he gets up in the morning, he asks,

“Mom, is it snowing?”

Until I think I may just go ahead and lose my mind. :) Maybe that’s why I dreamed last night, that we got up in the morning and it had snowed! Dear me. There is still a lot of time until December…


Was so fun to spend a bit of time with John and Crystal, married! And to see Vance and spend a bit of time with Loyal, Arlene, and Alex.

IMG_3156 IMG_3163 IMG_3164

I think my kids have a decent sense of family. :) Daisy, as we prepared to go to Kansas, informed me that Kansas is her home and Grandma is her family. She adores her Grandma…

IMG_3165 IMG_3167

This rose is my favorite of all. It’s Anja’s color. It’s beyond lovely.

IMG_3169 IMG_3172 IMG_3177

Grandchildren around!


I made a Rose Bouquet. And I’m not pregnant even though I look like it on that picture. :)

IMG_3179 IMG_3184 IMG_3185 IMG_3186

Recently we watched someone make cinnamon rolls on a cooking show. Bomani begged to make them, so I told him maybe Grandma would help him with that. :)

IMG_3188 IMG_3191 IMG_3194

He was really quite happy. :)

IMG_3196 IMG_3200 IMG_3202 IMG_3204

And then we came home. I asked for prayer for the travels, and Enzo was a sweet angel! Every now and then I had to slip back cuz he wanted to talk. :) And the last half hour he was an angel on the edge. :) But we made it without consuming enormous amounts of chocolate! (Okay, I still ate chocolate…)


I came home inspired. About a large pile of projects. And seriously, I have been killing myself since we’re back. But know what? I’m happy. :) I’m exhausted every night. But I’m happier than when I get bored and uninspired and discouraged about things. It’s the principle of a happy, short life. :) Okay, hopefully not too short. But not too long either. 😉


One of my first big projects was cleaning out my pantry and other parts of my laundry room. I love using glass jars as canisters. Not only do they look cool, and you can see what’s inside, but can you imagine having this many canister sets? :) Also, there are these fluttery mothlike things that have taken up residence in my pantry. They make a cocoon and then…out comes…a worm. You have no idea how ill this makes me feel. I am at war with them, but don’t know what to do except starve them! So nothing may be in my laundry room that is not in a ziploc, or tight container. Amen. But also, I just love glass jars…


Another project that began the day after we arrived home, and took 3-5 days to finish was…tomatoes! My friend, Clarissa gave me her extras, and it ended up being a LOT! We brought them home, and Saturday I pureed those that were not frozen. (Remind me to tell you the Ninja story!) I poured the puree into my two crock pots, and with one on high and one on low (because they have different heats), I just let them go for a day and a night, or until they were reduced to a sauce/paste like consistency and had that awesome, caramelized aroma. Oh, and no lids! The idea is to get the extra water out, and have a lot less to can. This, my friends, was the first time I have ever canned by myself. :) Yes. I grew up Mennonite. But I grew up, partially, in Africa where we had fresh produce all the time! Okay, so my sister cans everything in sight. So that’s a lame excuse. Cuz she grew up in Africa too. :) But also, I dislike mushy stuff. So green beans and peaches just don’t cut it for me, canned. I tend to freeze stuff more. But also, I’m busy. Four kids. And a garden that so far, has never done that well. So I don’t put a lot of stuff away. Just sayin’. I ain’t no wonder woman!


But I did want to can this paste. So I put it into one cup jars. I could use my biggest pot to water bath them. Six jars are pure paste. The rest I turned into a concentrate for any sort of Italian dish. Lots of garlic, salt, with Italian herbs. You know…everyone talks about that ping sound when a jar seals? It really is music. :)

IMG_3231 IMG_3232 IMG_3233

I wanted those squattie jars forever. They are perfect for any type of cosmetic! Finally I had an excuse to buy them. :) I’m going to use those jars up first!


And then, another project in the works! We are turning the plum room into an office for CLM Commercial Roofing. Now, if you have ever doubted my dedication to this new business we are launching, then you don’t anymore. Because this room? It’s been my nursery. And I love my nursery as only a mother can. Who has never had a nursery before. :)


So, there was a lot of organization that went on. Emptying drawers in my change table that were not being optimized. And putting the other three’s clothes into there. And turning the other piece of furniture over to CLM. And so. This behemoth is going to move (wish it could walk!) into the yellow room. And the crib into our room. And the little co-sleeper into storage awaiting it’s next usage. 😉 (Remember, I cleared the air earlier. I’m not pregnant.) And the yellow room is going to be changed into a green room. Just the two yellow walls. Getting painted. I took a piece of green fabric from my nursery bedding to WalMart to match it. Their machine is down? And don’t know when it will be up? Well, since I had to take two of the kids and me to our chiropractor in Burleson (and make a meal for her…she takes that instead of payment!), I stopped at that WalMart and had it mixed. I could have gone to Lowes, but Lowes is fifteen minutes away. Better to go to Burleson which is 30 minutes away. (ha ha!) And no, I don’t like WalMart. But the dude there was super helpful. So there.


And I’m officially going to cloth diaper now. Daisy needs cloth trainers at night. No amount of chiro treatments have fixed it. And her back is out of line every time we go. And then Enzo pees a lot. :) I have come to the conclusion that moms who cloth diaper their kids are just a bit of a fanatic for it. Otherwise, why would you do it? It takes extra time. Extra laundry. High powered laundry soap. And I need to change Enzo twice as often. But seriously. I do not want to keep putting bleach and other chemicals on my babies’ tender parts, so cloth diaper I will! And someday, when I am rich, I may switch to Honest diapers or something like that. :) Want to know how serious I am? I got a box of laundry detergent. Aaack. And it says no perfumes on it, but it smells! Makes me feel sick. That’s how unused I am to these things. So I think that I’m going to make a simple, coconut oil soap, no superfat, for my laundry. And grate it. Coconut oil is really cleaning. Hard cleaning as a soap. I should use the other kind of lye and make a liquid soap. But I haven’t tried that yet and don’t know what I’m doing with liquid soap making. So…I think I’ll go with bars and grate it and maybe mix it with some washing soda to boost it and to keep it powdered. You know, just one of the projects comin’ up…

IMG_3257 IMG_3258

My new co-sleeping crib. :) And yes…my lovely birthday quilt! Colors? They don’t go. But that’s fine. Once Enzo is ready, we’ll put his crib into the green room and he and Bomani will sleep in there and the girls in the plum room! Of course, after CLM has it’s own, sweet office in the yard…


Enzo likes soft mattresses, and nowdays, with the SIDS scare stuff, they make mattresses so hard for babies! So I got a topper at DG and cut it and stacked it. I even cut a hole in the middle of the top piece so he can sink into it the way he loves to do. :) And I upped the top side with an extra layer so his head is slightly elevated. I like it.


Then there are the upcoming soapmaking projects! Lime tiger swirl for Christmas gifts. Paprika hot process. And laundry soap, of course. I dehydrated some fresh limes to put on top of the lime soaps. So excited!

And our food life? We are still eating plant based. Small amounts of meat and diary and eggs. Lots of rice and beans and lentils and such. Fruit and veggies. And I have a Ninja! So now smoothies work! Craig eats cooked oats every morning. I do often. Or eggs with Ezekiel bread. The kids kind of eat whatever. Oats sometimes. They love egg in the nest. I’m so done making stacks of pancakes for them though. I baked the pancake recipe in a 9×13 pan which worked wonderfully! But they don’t like it. Go figure. Bomani does, but the twins won’t eat it. Ahhh…kids. Gotta’ love ’em!

Oh yes, the Ninja story. So, I broke my blender shaft or something. We researched and decided to upgrade! I found a Ninja with two bullet attachments and a food processor attachment set on Amazon, used, for $99 including shipping. I bought it! Then realized that it would probably come while we’re gone, and UPS will set it outside in the weather! So I thought oh yes, my neighbor can set it inside when she comes to do chores. But I could not get tracking on the thing to save my life! I asked them several times, but they had excuses or did not reply. I was not  impressed in a good way! Such a large ticket item should have tracking! So I just asked my neighbor to keep an eye out for it.

We came home. No Ninja. I was quite disturbed! Finally I decided to go check the mail and see if it came USPS and is at the post office. As I drove out our lane–the lane we don’t use often, but is our legal access lane–there was an enormous box at the end of the lane! !!! The Ninja! The grass was flattened under the thing. It had been there for a while. Thankfully, it was in fantastic shape, and I think actually new. !! But the sellers? They got very bad feedback. And on my way back up the lane I drove over our one remaining guinea. It always got out of my way before! But not this time. I felt horrible. But yes…got over it. And that is the tale of the Ninja. I love the thing. It’s beyond amazing. It doesn’t have quite the power of the Vitamix. Cuz it didn’t obliterate the seeds in my tomato puree. But it’s hugely powerful and the food processor part is so so awesome too!

So, I want to research and find new and amazing ways of fixing rice and beans and veggies and fruits. I’ll try to post recipes, not just pics. :) And in the meantime…


Have a blessed weekend!


I was driving really fast. On Fourth Street. I knew I was going to crash. I took my foot off the gas pedal. It kept driving really fast. Finally, it stopped. I was crying. Because Anja had died.

I woke up.

I went back to sleep.

I was at my best friend, Norma’s college. She was all poised and beautiful. I was a mess. I was telling her about my dream. Her instructor was eyeing me.

I woke up again.

The moral? I’m crying inside. Right now, all the time. And Best Friend’s are okay with you being a mess.

This morning Bomani asked me why Anja died.

I don’t know.

But we’re all in this together. And we’re going to make it.


Love you, little sis.

Love you.