Pictures and Thoughts of the Morning


As fantastic as that looked…it was just a strange dish. I probably did not create it correctly, but let’s just say…not every thm meal is created equal!


Someone got into the watercolors!


I guess I am officially a trim, healthy mama. At least a mama, and mostly healthy. 




I wonder…why is faith such a big deal to God? I’ve wondered that before. On this blog. 


Right now I’m reading through the Gospels. At least until I get derailed by another book of the Bible. 🙂 


Faith is an enormous, weaving theme. Jesus healed people according to their faith. He did not do many miracles in His hometown, because of their unbelief. He asked the sick man, do you believe I can do this? When the man answered yes, He healed him. Then and there. 


Jesus went to the cross, and took all of our sins, and all of our diseases on Himself. And by His stripes, we are healed. 


It’s a spiritual principle that what we fear can come upon us. But when we live in expectation of the fantastic things God has for us, those come upon us. 


In expectation and hope. 


The Last Stretch

I’ll surrender to the power
Of being crushed by love
Oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh
Till the beauty that was hidden
Isn’t covered up
Oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh
Oh it’s not what I hoped for
It’s something much better

He’s making diamonds, diamonds
Making diamonds out of dust
He is refining in his timing
He’s making diamonds out of us

This song (above) makes me…cry these days. Okay yes. I’m pregnant, so I cry. 🙂 But heading into this last trimester…with the hundred running around, eating all the time, getting into fights, and Enzo still needing to be lifted up to change his diaper, put him into bed, and when he is throwing a fit… I can’t just…chill out. I have to keep going. Somehow, the last week, I have really slowed down. Everything takes double effort. My feet kill me. My back kills. My abdomen feels like it’s about to fall onto the floor in front of me. 

So, I have a rather magnificent abdominal separation. 🙁 It’s…big. Possibly from the twin pregnancy. Possibly because I’m a small person. So about now, when baby girl begins to grow wildly, everything starts screaming at me. So yesterday I went and bought a pair of very good shoes. And I wear them in the house now. That.Is.Not.Me. 🙂 🙂 I don’t do shoes! But it really does help me be able to keep going, so… yeah. And I also invested in two different kinds of maternity belts. The first one I can’t wear. So money lost. The second one is really taking it’s time coming. So I’m still hopeful. My chiropractor says I should try to wear one to keep the separation from…separating, I guess. And belly-binding post-partum, which is something I’ve never done, but right now it sounds lovely…just to have a belly again. 🙂 🙂 

Yesterday my back crashed. Really badly. My chiropractor had to work a while on me. Today I’m just a bit sore, but realizing my limitations. I can’t do my core exercises anymore because of the separation. So I walk most mornings. It’s lovely. And I have just a few exercises I can do. You know, when I feel like it. 🙂 This is why I end up being a lame pig by the end. Sigh. 

But yes. It’s worth it. All I need to do is look at my tubby little Enzo. And my other kids. Of course it’s worth it. But that doesn’t make it easy. 

So asking…in a long, drawn out manner, for prayer. I’m at 29 weeks. I have never gone full term, so I”m hopeful for a few weeks early. 🙂 With the separation, I carry low, so she won’t need to drop far. 🙂 🙂 

Still…looks like a long way off, when I have to push through my work every day. So I’m lookin’ to Father God for help. 🙂


A Picture Update


Craig coating the top of an RV! These are great little jobs. Big jobs are still cooler, though. 😉




I had a hard time not eating the cookie dough with a spoon. Okay, I did eat it with a spoon. 🙂 Recipe came from the Nourish cookbook. 



Got inspired one day to make a layer cake. It was so fun! This was a white bean vanilla cake. Frosting was made pink using raspberry jello. The sugar free variety. 







Breakfast and quiet time. <3


We are learning that radishes, cooked, can be good! Sort of potato like. Here I sauteed them. Didn’t make nearly enough. 🙂 


Earth milk. Only, I didn’t have whey protein powder, so it wasn’t very milky. Hard core stuff! 


“Good morning,” says Enzo! 




I made a sort of upside down pizza, with this low-carb topping. Craig and I loved it. 🙂 


Craig and I rearranged the living room furniture, and this is my new quiet time corner! I used to drive mom crazy with moving furniture around. But she usually liked it once I was done. 🙂 


Did I mention that I’m back to frying THMish pancakes every morning? It takes like half an hour. But when I want to scream about it, I think of how much I enjoy them, and I watch my kids light into them, and it’s so…nice. I make THM strawberry jam and we put that on top. It’s really good…


On Sunday I told Craig, I am not cooking or baking…I’m taking a break! Then I proceeded to make this pumpkin dessert after lunch. 🙂 


Sauteed green beans with almonds. Some soy sauce. Somehow, it really took care of a craving. 🙂 


Off on a day out all by myself!


After grocery shopping, etc., I went to the new Dwell Coffee & Nosh location in Burleson. Amazing!


Craig joined me and we had a date in the middle of the day!


Yesterday was Coop. Forgive the green picture. Credit’s to my lovely phone. 🙂 


Science experiment!




Art! They painted a water-color background of sunset. I thought Daisy was incredible. 🙂 





Then they painted a tree and spongepainted animals using stencils. With help. 🙂 


Hazel’s picture. So cool!


I’ll close with our favorite current kick. Avocado lime salad. 

Have a blessed week!

When I Walk Forward Believing.

This week is terribly exciting. 


Tomorrow I have a babysitter or two coming…lovely young ladies who my kids adore! And I am going out for the day.

Let me repeat that… for the day.


I never go out for the day. So this, my friends, is terribly exciting.

I have Aldi to shop, but I am taking ice chests, and knocking that “work” out at the beginning of my day! After that, I have Hobby Lobby…just a few things I need for Science that we’re doing for Coop. But still. I love just walking into Hobby Lobby. 🙂 

Then I am going to Dwell Coffee Shop… for hours. As long as I want to sit, drinking coffee, with my feet up…I will do it. 

And then, just whenever I get inspired, I might go do some more shopping. I have a few fun items to get! I more or less sold our old fridge, I mean, I listed it. So Craig gave me part of that money to get what I want! I am using it on kitchen items that we have needed for a while. Like another brownie/cake spatula thing, which I also love for frying ground beef. I have one and use it all day long. And spoons.We need more spoons. 

And you know, I can always check to see what the outlet stores have in scarves. 🙂 I found the most gorgeous scarf recently that it so totally my style that it makes going out and about so fun…

Then at 4:00 I have my prenatal at the Birth Center. I love prenatal visits. My midwives? They are my friends. We talk and chat and laugh and cry. They are awesome. Amen. 

My kids were all accompanying me on my last visit. So they got to hold the Doppler and listen to the heartbeat of Baby Sister. They thought the entire visit was so fun. As we were leaving, I heard Hazel say, “I want to be like Kayce.” (Student midwife who is primary midwife for this birth.) And Daisy agreed, “Yeah, I want to be like Kayce.” I melted. 🙂 

And then…as though Tuesday is not enough to totally put my week into heaven, Wednesday is Homeschool Coop Day! Seriously, this year, we are legit. Like, we are so legit, that we are not allowing anyone to join for the rest of the year. We are professional. And the classes we offer are beyond incredible. Each mom who teaches or co-teaches a class? She is doing what she loves. Thrives at. Is passionate about! Sarah and I teach the first class…Science. Mostly, we do a review of the lesson the kids were taught at home. Then we all do a Science experiment together! I am not necessarily as passionate about Science, as I simply love teaching again. 

Then there are classes like Art, Drama, Dance, and Music. For one class, two dads come every Coop day, and take the bigger boys outside and teach them amazing things. Last time they went fishing. How cool for Bomani!

See, not only do my kids love Coop. I love Coop. The ladies? They are my friends. In the same stage of life. On the same page. The fellowship I get? Fantastic. Thank You, God.

And so today I am preparing. I am baking and cooking enough that I won’t need to bake or cook for the next two days. I am making lists for my babysitters. Because they are going to clean my house and do my laundry!! And I’m going to kiss my kids today. 

So, there you have a lot of details that have nothing to do with the title of this post, and what God is working in my life, and laying on my soul.


I had noticed, over the years since my twins’ birth, every now and then they would have these little…lapses in consciousness. Just a drop of the head, lasting a second. But they were not frequent. And I learned about absence seizures, and how they are harmless, and kids usually outgrow them. But they troubled me. Was this something I had done? Was I too hard on them? The first years of their lives were anything but…settled. I was in grief, lost my mom, and had three babies, to mention a few. 

Then this year, I noticed the little drops escalating. Still not often, but more often. And Daisy’s turned into more of a spacing thing. After the spacing, she would need to hear again, everything we had said while she was spacing. 

I grew even more troubled.

I talked with a medical professional. And decided to try a lower glycemic diet, as that has actually cured kids of absence seizures. But wow. The sheer amount of work involved! It was daunting. My kids, despite all my lofty rantings before marriage, are picky eaters. Amen. 

Saturday a week ago, I took most of my kids along to my once-a-month Bible Study in Granbury. This Bible Study is a gift from Father God. He decided that this year is the time to put us through an intense course in learning Faith, Believing, and some other unusual things outside of our normal zone. 🙂 And in that amazing wisdom of His, He also has provided everything we need in encouragement, mentoring, and pouring into us.

Earlier in the year, He took me to a Ladies’ Seminar hosted by Vinelife Ministries. While there, I realized a few things…having to do with healing of physical illnesses, exercising my spiritual gifts, and…most importantly, listening to God, rather than just talking to Him.

I think that has actually been one of the greatest changes God has been working toward in my soul. Ahh…on the trail here. I am not good at this!

Some time later, I noticed that Vinelife was beginning a once-a-month Bible Study, running through December of this year. I immediately signed up!

This has been an incredible thing for me. It’s a small group. Never sure who will be there or not be there, except for the three Vinelife Ladies. I know they will be there. And I know they will pray for me and my family. And I know that very likely, they will have words from God for me. 

Watching God speak through them to me, and coming home and living with Craig and finding those things to match exactly what God is speaking to him through his mentor…and the things we have been hearing from God….it’s been amazing. It takes my tiny spec of faith, and grows it. It just does.

The encouragement, nourishment, and challenges that God has given me through these women…it’s been so incredible. I’m so grateful.

God laid it on my heart to ask these ladies if they would pray for my twin girls on Saturday at the Bible Study. Yvonne, the founder of Vinelife, has a very real gift of healing. I was hesitantly excited. 

Yvonne prayed for them. Actually, I might clarify, not so much prayed, as spoke to them. And pronounced them healed in Jesus’ Name.

Because in Scripture, I don’t think that Jesus or the disciples prayed for people to be healed, as often as they simply pronounced them healed. They spoke the healing. Because Jesus has given the disciples, and us, all power in heaven and on earth. And He also told us that we will do even greater things than He did. But I’m guessing He wants us to start with the things He did… 🙂

As we left the Bible Study, I felt fear. Fear that I would see absence seizures and my little faith would crumble. In disappointment and in confusion. 

And so now I ask myself, is God the author of fear, disappointment, and confusion?


I kept hearing one phrase in my head. And heart. 

As you go, you are healed.

As I walk forward in faith. Believing. Knowing. Fully settled that they are healed in Jesus’ Name. 

As I stand in faith with my little girls…

They are healed.

And that is how it has been. So many times I found myself floundering. This is not how I am used to…living! Thinking! I’m used to doctors! Diets! Natural health remedies! I’d watch them, feeling that foreboding, and there were times I was sure I saw the spacing. Was that a drop of her head?

And then I’d come back to faith. No. No seizures allowed. They are healed in Jesus’ Name.

And they are. As I walk in faith. It really, honestly, depends on me, as their mom. 

The other night Craig was listening to a sermon on his phone. And God started sort of blasting my heart with these amazing things.

Really, it is up to me. I can walk in fear, stress, and anxiety. And the things I fear come upon me! It’s a spiritual principle.

Or I can walk in faith, expectation, knowing the amazing things God has for us, our kids, our business, our entire world. Our hearts. Everything. Blessed. Overflowing. Good. Protected. 

And when I verbalize…faith, healing, prayer…it actually releases the angels to do their work. Speaking into the spiritual realm…words of truth. Of faith. Of life. Way more powerful than I ever dreamed of.

These are the things I am learning…

These are the ways God is saying, I want you to change…grow…find My heart. 

Ah, how I need it. 

I’m on the journey, on the path…with you. 


What Happens When Your Friends Pray For You

Honestly, my week looks entirely different. 

I’m excited. 

For no reason. 

Okay, we did close on a two week roofing job, and my husband is energized and I am happy!

But back to the subject at hand, I get up, look at my day, and say…I get to do laundry today! And bake something fun! And make dinner!

So, so different from the overwhelmed feeling of facing a large mountain by simply looking at my week of being a SAHM. Or whatever they call us. 🙂

So seriously…thank you so much.

know that your prayers made the difference. And that the enemy was just trying to push me into discouragement again. But of course. God is bigger! 

Thank you.


Thank you so much.

One reason everything had looked so big is that I am starting to cook and bake more healthy again. Because of a health issue, I decided to try a lower glycemic diet for the twins, which simply meant that we could all eat the same way, as that’s how Craig and I want to eat anyway. But do you have any idea how hard it is not to give your perpetually hungry kids cheerios, raisins, grapes, bread, etc.? Really hard. It means I have to have my act together. And bake a lot. And try to cook things that they actually agree to eat. 

I was also feeling very determined to somehow end up sort of on the skinnier side after this pregnancy. 

So I ordered a THM cookbook off of Amazon. 

I was blown away. 


For $16 you get an enormous cookbook with hundreds and hundreds of recipes, as well as pages of info and nutrition wisdom and–get this, gorgeous pictures with many of the recipes. I am a picture person, and if there is a picture of the recipe, I am 50% more likely to try it. Weird, but true.

THM has evolved in ways I never imagined, since I dipped my feet in four years ago. Like what?!! Yesterday I made fantastic brownies that included two cups of okra in a 9×13 pan! I mean, how?! And they are much more streamlined and the sheer volume of ideas are just mind boggling. 

I love the drinks. 

The reason the cookbook on the above picture had a white background is that it’s on my bed. Because for a while, I’d read and study it every night before sleeping. The only problem was, I might get a sudden need for something! And get out of bed and go make it…

Like the time I made the lime shake thing. 


Enzo thought that was a nice idea. 🙂

But I only did it once. Usually I’m like, hey, I can’t wait to make that tomorrow!

THM is not my 100% love. I am a little too “whole foodie” for that. They use so many things that in my mind, aren’t really food. But for now, it’s perfect. It does help me lose weight. In my current case, not gain as fast. It is low glycemic, at least if you don’t do too many E meals. 

And the one reason it is me, is the dessert life. I have always loved desserts. Being a skinny thing, I ate as much as I wanted until I’d feel nasty. Makes me shudder to this day. I had no idea what I was doing to my health. I was never super healthy either. So there.

But I still love desserts. The sweetness level that I enjoy has greatly decreased, however. Something too sweet icks me out. But I love desserts. 

And you can make desserts so beautiful! 

So their emphasis on not depriving yourself of your desserts and creamy drinks…it’s cool. Love it. 

So I’ve been baking…and cooking…and having fun. And killing my back. And wanting to collapse at the end of the day. 🙂

For breakfast, I’m back to frying THMish pancakes for all of us except Craig. For him, I bake a mostly egg breakfast casserole and he warms a piece up every morning. 

For the pancakes, I made raspberry syrup, stevia sweetened, to get away from pouring the delightful, pure sugar of maple syrup over our pancakes. The kids think it’s heaven. They want it on everything. 




They don’t think that everything that I make is amazing. 




Like, the choco chip frap I made the other night? They were much happier with the ramen noodles…


But we’re having fun. And healthier.

But on Saturday Daisy and Hazel were at my ladies’ Bible Study, where they were prayed for. And their health issue has mostly disappeared. Just like that. And I’m really overwhelmed and grateful. 

Just a few more pics to show how much God loves us. 🙂


I had no idea that a couple dollars worth of water paints would occupy the big three for such large chunks out of the day! They love it. And they do great work. They paint out on the porch, and keep it all out there. It may not come inside. 🙂 And they dry them on the fencing around the porch. 🙂


This guy? One big ways God loves me. 


These kids? Love.


My rosebush, planted in honor of Anja, finally outgrew it’s issue and is putting out amazing flowers that breathe into my soul…


On a really hard day, Bomani watched his dad type out a note for his mom. So Bomani wanted to make a note for her too. The picture. The words. I am constantly…just overwhelmed with the love. 


On the way home from the first day of Homeschool Coop! Haha! It was so awesome. I can’t wait until next time!



No words. Just…love…


He created this cool studio where he paints.


Daisy. Made it for me. Because she loves Mommy.

Thank You, Father God. 


It’s 5:36 am.

I’ve probably been awake for at least an hour, and was tossing about for an hour before that.

So finally, being pregnant and starving, I got up and am eating fresh peaches in a bed of whipped cream, cream cheese, and greek yogurt. It’s nice.

And yes, I’ll be hungry for breakfast. It’s called having a fast metabolism and being pregnant. Sigh.

I decided to get up and ask for prayer. 🙂

Because looking at the week ahead, was like looking at a mountain. And the thought made me groan. 

I’m currently headed into my last trimester. 

I’m a small person. 

A last trimester is not easy for me. Somehow, by the time I’m carrying around that much baby, my body starts to scream at me. 

Some women have a difficult time postpartum. For me, it’s before baby arrives. In my last trimesters, I start having “hard”. I swing around the house, sit down, and then lie down. And then get up and swing around the house again. Amen.

And now, with the other hundred, I have to keep going, whether my back is yelling, my veins are purple, (you wanted to know that, huh?) or my uterus is so tight you could bounce a marble off of it. 

My back has been 150% better this pregnancy, all due to the five minutes ish of core exercises I do almost every morning. Like, it has shocked me. My back has been better during pregnancy than before! But now, with baby growing wildly, it’s straining my lower back again, and I need to be careful what I do, and also need adjustments every couple weeks, and in between…it yells at me. 

I look at the mountains of food I need to prepare this week, because I am determined to eat healthier and stay skinnier and help my kids eat better. And I honestly feel like…I just can’t do this. And then laundry. My house is so dirty. I need to go on a meat run. I need to study science and teach it to my kids and prepare it for coop next week. But that last one will be easy and fun. 

Cuz I can sit, lie, or swing while I do it. 

So now, having given you all the details, I mean…really, just a few of them…

I’m just on here asking for prayer. 

God gave us this baby. I am so excited about her! I am honestly, so thrilled to be pregnant. Right now. 

But life looks big. And I don’t want to despair at the beginning of every week for the next 2-3 months. 

So, thanks. 




I am more than terrified to write this post. Not because I’m afraid of what you will think, but because beauty, for some reason, strikes at the very core of women…everywhere. 

I didn’t really realize the depth of this, until today.

Craig and I currently have no church home. We aren’t asking for sympathy. 🙂 🙂 Because we have absolute peace in where God has us right now. But it is causing us to dig out, for ourselves, what we believe. That simple. I thought I did a good job of that in my 20s. I didn’t. 

Today we talked long and hard on an issue touching women and beauty. 

I realized, at one point, that I was about to burst into tears. Not surface tears, but the kind of tears that you really need to hold back, or something in your heart might tear open. And that’s scary. 

I suddenly got a picture of what God created in us as women. There is something in the core of our being…who we are, that is wrapped up in one simple word.


And it is in no way simple. It has a thousand…a million pieces. It is tied up, and wrapped together in a thousand other parts and pieces of life. 

God created us women to love beauty. 

When I see a crepe myrtle in a profusion of any color of bloom, my heart is alive. 

On my drive to Granbury yesterday…I opened my soul, drank in the lovely landscape…and God came near.

When I walk into a room that is tastefully decorated with color and class, I feel peace and delight.

When I see a woman who is exuding a heart at rest, and filled with quiet joy, I see God.

I want to ask you:

What did God place into you? Into women the world over? 

He made us gorgeous. 

And He made us to love beauty. 

Why? What is His heart in this?

That’s where I’ll leave you.

Because that’s where I am.

Peace on your Sabbath. 



I’m going to ramble about food again. 🙂 It’s been a little while! 😉

So…I am just a bit desperate not to gain a lot of extra weight this pregnancy. I mean, you have enough in the way of challenges after you have pushed a baby out, without being an enormous elephant, and refusing to even look at the mirror… 

But it’s not working. I do core exercises for about 5 minutes nearly every morning. This has helped my back more than I can begin to describe. My back is so much stronger this pregnancy. But it hasn’t turned me into one of those slim mamas who I always just gawk at…pregnant, and slim. HOW?

I mean really, five minutes! That should do it! Haha. 

So, I’m pushing 40. (Is 36 pushing 40?) So maybe I just don’t have the slim thing going on anymore. I mean, at 100 lbs. on my wedding day, I never dreamed I’d be spazzing about my weight. 

(This is a ladies’ post, by the way. Men, get out!)

But I just want to be able to walk by the end of this pregnancy, and I want to be happy postpartum. Happy about me. 

So how’s that for some honesty? 🙂 🙂 


I’ve also been thinking about my kids’ diet. The twins’ tummies have hurt for a week now, off and on. I really thought they were not high sugar kids, but when I really analyzed…yes. They are high sugar kids. They eat a lot of fruit. And they eat carby snacks. And I sweeten their stuff with maple syrup. That all adds up to high sugar. For that and other reasons, I decided to put them on a low glycemic diet. Not the low glycemic diet. I am not measuring and calculating. I am just thinking. 

Today when I went to Aldi, I realized how many “easy” foods I was buying for them. I am busy and tired. So I buy not-too-bad snacks. That are still bad. So it all comes down to how determined I am. And what’s important to me. 


This and my own struggles brought me to think more seriously about THM. I have sort of picked out what I like and gone with that. But today I checked my nearly nonexistent budget. I had $20 to spend. I bought the THM cookbook. I need ideas and help. And armed with that and my Nourish cookbook…as well as, of course, Google, I think I’m on my way. 

I was inspired this afternoon/evening. I made a ground beef/bean/corn/salsa/cheesy dip for the kids. And us. This is not completely low carb, but it’s heading in the right direction! I made a large batch of THMish pancakes and put the batter in the fridge. I cooked strawberries and made a stevia sweetened syrup for over the pancakes. And then I made white vanilla bean cupcakes and fantastic frosting. 🙂 And now I’m tired. 


But they are delectable.

We might just eat the entire batch this evening…


We have fresh peaches right now. I had a frightening determination this week, to make a healthy, but delicious peach dessert.

Below is my first attempt. I knew just what I wanted…I wanted fresh peaches in custard, with a crunchy streusal on top. Finding no recipe, I of course created one. I mean, not so much a recipe, as…a dessert. 


It was not delicious. We ate most of it, but ended up scraping the “healthy streusal” off the top. It just…wasn’t good! Or crunchy. 🙂

So yesterday I tweaked my cravings, and decided I wanted a crust made of almond and coconut flour, a creamy filling, and fresh, sliced peaches.

It was a win.


I used a recipe for the crust. Mostly. It was still not as crunchy as I wanted, but it was still good! And my determination…while nearly being the death of me by the end of the day, did make us happy. 🙂 We ate the entire thing by night. 🙂

Okay, enough rambles about food. Maybe I should go eat my third cupcake…



My Verse for Today.


I love this verse. It’s what God gave me today.

“Will I bring a baby to the point of birth and not deliver it?” Says the Lord.


I don’t know what God has told you. What word He has given you. 

But I do know this.

What He has said, He will do.

How many times in His Word, has He said,

What I have said, I will do. I am the Lord.”

So this morning…as we wait in gratefulness for what He has done, and wonder when and where and how He will do what He has said He will do…

I read this verse, and smile. Because I’m pregnant. So anything about birth jumps at me. 🙂 And because it’s a really cool way for God to remind me…

That what He has said, He will do.



The other day one of my kids was being quite impatient with me, after I told him/her that I would do something. I said, “Just wait! I can’t do everything at once!” 

And then I wondered if that’s how God feels. Not that He can’t do everything at once. He can. But the impatience. The thinking that I know the best timing, and yelling around and giving up when I don’t see things happen. He’s got this!


So…just reminding myself today. 🙂



Iced Coffee and Time Out

You know, when kids are on a naughty streak, and you just need to give them some time out? 

Well, that’s what I need this afternoon. Only for me, time out is delicious. And brings desperately needed perspective from Father God. 

At least, that’s the hopeful purpose. 🙂


This has, honestly, been a brutal week. I am so tired of going here and there, I just want desperately to stay home. Do some housework. Sit around. Do some fun things at home with the kids. 

But no, almost every day, I need to go somewhere. Which means that I don’t get my stuff done. And I don’t hang out with the kids. And sometimes, I need to take them all along, which means that I need to make sure they have clothes on and hair combed. And that they pee just before we go out the door. And that we have water along. And maybe snacks. 

Monday I HAD to go get groceries. I went to Aldi, HEB, raw milk farm, and dropped off my consignment items at Rhea Lana, which took a while.

Tuesday? Prenatal appointment in the forenoon. No lovely young lady help this week, so I took the kids along. It was fun. But it was still work. At 5:00, I went to do my much anticipated shopping at Rhea Lana. It was fantastic, but I didn’t get one of the few carts, and by the end of the evening, my back hurt so badly I could hardly walk without wanting to collapse in a heap. 

Which brings me to today. My only day with nothing planned. Yeah! But no, my back was still hurting this morning, and I knew that this time, I had put it out of whack. So I packed the hundred up and we went to the chiropractor. Which includes making some food for her, as she takes that instead of money which is key for me right now. So I cooked wildly this morning, yelled around at the hundred to get them ready in time, hauled the kids and food up the elevator in classy Burleson, while high-heeled business women wondered what and who this…uh…is. And then, after receiving much relief from the adjustment, stopped on the way home for meat and eggs at Walnut Creek Farm. It took forever for someone to come out to sell me anything. 

By the time we arrived back home, we were all hungry and I was beyond grumpy. My house. I don’t care what lofty goals I have not to worry about my house. I’m not worried. I just hate when it is a mess all the time! We worked on cleaning up for a bit, but then I knew we needed naps, so Enzo and the twins and I went down for naps. 

When I got up, Bomani had cleaned up the living room area beautifully. What a hug from God and him. 

But I still need time out. 

Ah. On the journey to finding the way God has for me to do life. I know that being pregnant means my mental/emotional state is a bit more fragile. 🙂 But hey, He has that too! A good way. Baby is starting to outgrow me. Which means, more discomfort. Most of you reading this know what I mean. Coop starts next week. I’m in charge of a really fun Science we’re doing. I am determined to do this for my children. I am taking them to coop. Every two weeks. Amen. 

Ah. I’m really rambling right now. 🙂

I guess just letting you know that I’m most definitely on the journey of finding God’s good way for me as a mom to do life well. And I’m just letting you in on the nitty gritty details. (Some of them. Haha!) 

As I was driving along today, apologizing to my kids and to God, I told God…I don’t even know what to do when I sit down for time with You these days. And He said, Just be with Me. Listen to Me speaking.

And I said, Ah yes. Sorry. Thank You…

Now for pictures of our trip to Kansas!


He was enamored with the fountain! And it made him…wet. 🙂 



This is what Craig was earning in Kansas City! 


Please…this traveling thing…


He actually did really well! They all did. 


We tied random items onto a rope over his car seat. He seemed to like it. 🙂 


The Rose Garden. I spent a lot of time in there. The weather was fantastic, especially mornings. 


Mom made sure I got a real vacation. Just knowing someone else was helping me take care of the kids…I could really relax! 


Lunch with these lovely ladies!


Daisy having quiet time. 🙂 


Mom had fresh, huge, amazing peaches. We thoroughly enjoyed them! This bowl full? Two peaches.



She wanted to eat just what Grandma was eating. With Grandma. 🙂 




Aren’t they darling? 



These guys really like hanging out. 🙂 


Last morning there, I woke up early. Early enough to watch the sun rise…


That’s my nose, as I tried taking a selfie with the sunrise. Haha! 




I did a lot of thinking, praying…and drinking in the beauty that week. 



My favorite roses in the garden. Because Anja loved purple. 



Playing one more game before we leave! 


His favorite place to hang out in the van? On the middle console with a foot in each cupholder…


We’re good parents. We found our own food at Chipotle and Starbucks, and the kids’ at McDonalds. 🙂 🙂 


This is our Birth Center. I love it there. I love going there. It’s beautiful. Peaceful. Happy. 


Eye protection while peeling oranges!


My life in a nutshell. Haha! 


$4.00 at Rhea Lana. He loves it! And I love Rhea Lana. 

And last but not least…for my baby girl…


Blessings of peace and rest and hugs to you.