Crunch. Crunch. Crunch…

When people talk/write about being sort of health minded, but not one of those super crunchy, health freaky moms…I grin and chuckle. Because I am. Health freaky. Just sayin’. My kids think that bread comes from heaven itself. They almost never have it. And jelly on it? The very height of a delectable dessert.


It’s been quite a while since I have written much of anything about health and crunchiness. After my mom died of cancer, it became sort of a painful passion of mine, one of the strange ways I dealt with grief and the incredible fallenness of this world. Since then, it has mellowed into more of a sane discovery of what is right for us, and what we want in our future and for our children.

My mom was actually a hair crunchy herself. But I still had a very unhealthy life up to about 32 years of age. Which gave me time to do a lot of damage. :( I’ve never been super strong and healthy. Actually, my life in Kenya was about the best I’ve had as far as not getting sick. I dealt with a lot of amoeba, but never had malaria and very rarely a cold or flu.

But back to the present!

I am who I am. :) And I want to do the best for my remaining years. But my kids do have a chance. And I’m trying hard to teach them good habits and good taste. So far, we all still think ice cream tastes fantastic. :) But I buy it about once a year. If it’s not here, we don’t eat it! I’m noticing that my twins do better than Bomani. He didn’t have the start they did. Daisy loves raw veggies. Sauteed cabbage. Bomani has a fairly…carby and sugary bent. :( :) And they will make their own decisions as they grow! That’s life. But for now, they are stuck with what is in my fridge. :)

Pregnancy has complicated my choice of food. In my first trimester, I had to eat whatever went down, and at the same time, eat very high protein. That was a challenge! And some of my not so wise choices have carried over. When you need to eat more than usual, it’s hard to stick with meat and veggies, berries and nuts. :) So in other words, I’m not eating perfectly as I want to for myself right now. But I am eating about five times wiser than in any other pregnancy!

What do we really want? We idealize eating lots of healthy protein. Grass fed. Lots of healthy fats. Grass fed as well. And more vegetables than we ever did before. Chemically untouched. I’m not saying “organic”. I’m saying “no chemicals”! Dairy is a tough call for us. We LOVE dairy. I’m pretty sure we’d be better off kicking it, but I also believe it’s not the worst compromise to make. Berries. Nuts. Herbs. Spices. I’m learning that you can make really good food with these things! But it takes time. And you need to be strong. Because the way you have eaten for so many years really defines what you love.

So maybe someday we will be better set to eat this way. For now, we are working toward it. But my half pancake in the morning, with real maple syrup, is just too helpful in making my 3-4 fried eggs stick around longer! So I compromise. I make high protein pancakes, gluten free…

And that’s sort of where we are right now.

It’s no secret to me that I feel better when I make wise food choices. It not only helps regulate blood sugar, it also makes a big difference in gut health. And I’m starting to wonder if those two things are not some of the most important out there…

Which brings me to something that has been niggling at the edges of my consciousness, every now and then bursting into view…


When I first heard of it, I thought the very name sounded plastic and unnatural! I gave it not another thought, instantly deciding it is a fad diet pill!

Instead, it has taken off like nothing I’ve seen in years, and I’m old.


Because it works. It’s that simple. It has made a life-changing difference in people’s lives, and that sells something faster than anything else.

For a while, I became more and more weary of it cropping up everywhere. Another facebook friend bites the dust and it clogged my feed more and more until I wanted to scream! And I have a very limited number of friends. :) Finally I blocked the worst from my feed, just for some peace of mind.

It kept nibbling at the edges of my brain. Until I came to the place where I am now!

Plexus works. How? It attacks those two areas of your health, or lack thereof. It regulates blood sugar. And depending which products you take, it improves your gut health, getting rid of yeast that can inflict more damage than you really want to know is going on. That’s why people’s lives are being changed. And I love that! So that is where the “love” part of the “love/hate” thing came in for me. I love that there is a product out there that is easy to take, and at least mostly natural, and is making huge changes in peoples’ lives.

Why then, the “hate” part? Part of that was easy. I dislike the business part of it. If one of my friends finds something that totally brings her health back, and she wants everyone to know about it, I love her for it. I love hearing about it! But if she is also doing everything in her power to sell it to her friends, so that she can get the expensive product free, it actually almost hurts a little. I wish Plexus were decently priced for people who are absolutely not interested in running a business. And I wish I knew these people would be working this hard to get the truth about Plexus out there to help others, not to make money. Just being frank here.

The other reason that Plexus has bothered me took longer to emerge. But it did emerge. That is that Plexus is for people who don’t want to make lifestyle changes, but still want to be healthy. You can keep eating bad stuff, but your blood sugar is regulated for you. That’s a sweeping statement. In fact, I made a lot of sweeping statements here. :) And I doubt all of them are true! I’m just saying how things feel for me and what I believe now. I do know of a friend who already had made healthy lifestyle changes, but Plexus still did a ton for her. So that is not across the board! But I finally realized that this phenomenon is what was bothering me about Plexus.

We as America have wandered far from the way God meant for us to eat. Yes, there were bread and milk in the Bible. We read about it! But I’m quite sure it has evolved quite far from the nutrition and balance and health it held back then.

And then we have immunizations that compromise babies’ systems and alter us for life. (You are very free to disagree, but I still believe it.) And we have drugs that save our lives, but also do bad things to us at the same time. And we have chemicals everywhere, formulated to make our lives easier and faster, and make money for corporations. And we have bugs and virus’ and diseases. They come because of sin. Read the Old Testament if you wonder where I came up with that. New Testament too. (I mean “sin” in a general sense, not that you got this illness because you sinned.) And we are left broken and not feeling well and dying.

And so, honestly, I’m grateful for Plexus. I’m thrilled that it is making such a difference!

And I may take it someday.

But I remain a strong advocate for lifestyle change. For wise eating. For kicking out every cleaner in your house, and using things like lemon essential oil and Basic H. (That’s what I clean with–that, and washing soda.) :) For throwing into the trash all your lotions and soaps that contain bad stuff. For mixing up a simple deodorant and toothpaste that nourishes your body, not clogs your pours with aluminum. Etc. Just a few things we do that we love…

In fact, my body is so free of cosmetic chemicals that when I forgot to take my homemade sunblock to Mexico, so I used some “normal” sunblock, I got very nauseated! That came as a bit of a shock. It’s been years since I used anything like that.

For some reason, I feel like I need to write some ending, soothing comments, about how much I respect and appreciate doctors and modern medicine. But I’m not going to. I didn’t knock doctors or modern medicine. I just acknowledged that while they help us so much, they also can hurt us.

Actually, I am going to say something about it. :) Because I’m quite sure that my rants of the past have left some of you believing I’m against hospitals and doctors and drugs.

I’m not.

I am very grateful for them! We have a beyond fantastic pediatrician here, who is fine with non-immunizing parents. Who isn’t fast to stick your child or admit your child. Who is experienced and wise. And widely loved. :) And we need him. We need doctors and nurses. We need drugs. They save lives.

So there is my honest belief on that.


I need to go…I’m hungry, thirsty, and need to make an enormous green bean dish for our church’s outreach Thanksgiving meal tonight.


This n That.


So, here Craig is making a frame to help with laying the brick for the bell. (Outside “skin”.)





These caps are awesome. This is the third winter in a row that the twins are wearing them! I ordered them from China. :)


So yes, not all of the ham hock found it’s way into the soup…


Time to lay brick!!





Here he is installing the clean-out door. It’s on the opposite side of the heater as the doors for the oven and the batch box.



My Bomani. :)


I love what happens after we go to the library. Our local library is small, but has a lovely children’s section, complete with table and chairs, benches, etc. Not to mention a ton of books for kids. We love going there!


When once you have had them help to make pizza, you will have help every time…


So, Craig is lining the inside of the bell with firebrick, as you can see here. He puts a layer of cardboard between the firebrick and the outside brick. This is to keep it from cracking when it expands and contracts with heat. If the cardboard turns to ashes, fine. If not, fine. :)


This is how we take family pictures. :)


Yesterday was just a fantastic day! After church and fellowship meal, we went home and took naps. Then I went on a brisk walk! It was gorgeous outside, although quite windy. Fall weather! Then we ate Creamy White Chilli. Then I made this.


Tortillas fried in butter with lightly sweetened cream cheese, raspberries, and chocolate chips inside. It was delectable. I ate a lot of it.


This is currently the only way my bathroom floors get scrubbed. I cannot do it anymore! The twins love helping me clean. :)


This morning, tired of spending time making breakfast every morning, I made a large batch of THM pancake batter, fried it all up with blueberries, and snipped the bulk of them into a jar. Now, every morning I can tip some out onto three plates, drizzle honey over the top, and there is breakfast for the kids!


May your week be filled with blessings.

Sewing Project (DONE!!)


This was the first set of dresses. The bulk of both dresses comes from one skirt that I wore last winter. Most skirts aren’t big enough for two dresses. :) This one was. The sleeves come out of two different t-shirts that I no longer wore. The pink one I almost never wore. So this was fun! (Did I just say “fun”?)


This one was the most fun to piece together! And I did need to piece. :) A retired skirt of mine, two t-shirts, and the polka dot fabric was left over from a maternity blouse I had made. I shortened the middle section of Hazel’s dress later. In a way that I can lengthen it again next winter.


The last set! A blue t-shirt, a grey t-shirt, a pink skirt, and left-over dark grey fabric from a maternity skirt. Oh yes the striped sleeves come from a girl’s size t-shirt I found. :) Three sets of warm dresses for free, in a week’s time. I am feeling very happy! And very happy that I am done!!!

Now I am scheming on how to pass the winter with my three…what to occupy our time with. I’m excited!


More of Life!


I think it is terribly cute at this stage. :)


First time for the princess dresses. :)





View into the batch box and the oven.


I made a rather fantastic version of black bean cake! I used molasses and stevia instead of honey and stevia. I took out the cocoa and added gingersnap spices. And then, since I made it too spicy with spices, (I was afraid the kids wouldn’t eat it!) I added more eggs, and a pkg of cream cheese. It was sort of like gingersnap pumpkin pie. Oh yes, I also added a can of pumpkin.


I’m not telling you how quickly we ate a 9×13 pan. :)


This is our favorite way to eat curry. Layer: rice, peas, curry, and then a mixture of fresh peppers, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, with vinegar, red pepper flakes, and salt. YUM!


So, Bomani threw his football down the heat riser. The result? We were stumped as to how to get it back out. :) Until Grandpa came. He used the vacuums sweeper and suctioned it out!



Two of our Yorkies are about to have a litter of pups! So we turned a part of our outdoor shed into a nursery for them. That meant bringing all our stored house items, clothes, etc., into my laundry room. This is until the Yorkies make us enough money to set an Ulrich barn into our yard!


Around 11:00…we were ready to go to sleep…and I remembered that we had not yet harvested my lemongrass! And it was supposed to freeze that night! So Craig got up, went out into the cold, and chopped it off for me. Now THAT is true love. :)


Grandpas came!!!!!!! We had a fantastic weekend…



We drank a lot of tea.


On Saturday mom helped me make and can pizza sauce! My sister Dorcas’ sister-in-law had frozen her extra tomatoes for me. Dorcas stored them until Dads came to see us. The result?


A delectable pot of pizza sauce. It turned out really well. We thickened it with tomato paste. Spices. Seasonings. Raw garlic. Simmer. Yum.


Dad helped Craig with the heater.


The heat riser got a blanket of ceramic insulation!




See, I don’t know how to can. I lived in Kenya from age 16 until I left home. Canning has always frightened me. It was awesome to have mom’s expertise! She did the bulk of the work. :)


Gettin’ ready to lay the “skin”! Also called the “bell”, I believe. Please don’t ask me why. :)



She got serious about the gingersnaps. :)





Their love tanks were full and running over…


True beauty.




Today I got inspired. I still don’t have enough warm clothes for the girls for the winter. Suddenly I thought of a few skirts and shirts that I no longer wear. Why not cut them up and mix and match with scraps and left over pieces…?


I was very happy with the result. (I did shorten them a bit!)  I have another set to make yet.



Have a blessed week!

Masonry Heater Again (For Men Only) (JK. Craig’s Idea to Write That)

Okay! Time to catch up!!!


This metal tube that Craig welded is called a P-channel, named after Peter Vandenberg in the Netherlands. This is the secondary air intake.


This is called the port. It restricts the flow of air which increases the velocity.


You can see the end of the P-channel just above the door frame.




Where the P-channel will fit into.



P-channel in place. That is the floor to our oven part. Can’t wait to bake!!


Laying the walls to the oven.



Putting “icing” on the brick.


He is cool. :)


There you can see both the inside of the batch box (where we will burn the wood), and the inside of the oven, above it.


The little platform to the left is where he will build the heat riser.


Here he is forming up to pour some castable refractory to seal off the top of the door.



This now is inside the heat riser. Craig cast that little triangle out of castable refractory. It’s there to help direct the gases up the heat riser.


This is looking into the batch box. You can see the end of the P-channel toward the top.


Building the heat riser.



Attaching the oven door frame.



Here he is laying the “roof” of the oven with left over firebrick.


He adopted my technique (when I work with whipped cream on a beautiful dessert) to pipe morter into the cracks using a bag with a corner snipped off. :)


More to come!

If this is enough to convince you never to build one of these, yes. Be duly warned. :) There’s nothing simple about it is the conclusion I am coming to. But it sure is fun! And it’s going to be awesome!


A Blog Post in Pictures (For Women Only)

Ha ha! Think if I write that every time, it will mean only women will read my blog?


Here’s life for the Texas family! I will post an update of Masonry Heater pics in a separate post.


He loves his gloves. Especially because Craig wears gloves a lot as he works on the masonry heater.



That would be Hazel. :)




Hot Chocolate weather. I capitalized it because it’s made with real cocoa, real raw honey, and real raw milk. :)





I’ve been challenged recently by someone to “make my mission every day to make everyone I meet feel valuable.” Part of that was making a fresh batch of playdough… :)


Bomani brought me flowers. What a treasure!


Yes. We love tea in the winter time! But we didn’t know that 12 ounces of organic peppermint would actually nearly fill a gallon jar…


Rolling the last of the apples!


I wonder what all he is going to cook for me in the bright future…


That sort of makes you wonder what Hazel is going to cook for me…?


This is what meets us every morning…stumbling sleepily down the hall… And it melts me every time…


Okay. I got inspired to do a 23 week photo shoot! I did it fast, with my camera timed on the window sill. So excuse the lack of quality. :) The blouse I found at Goodwill. Burleson Goodwill has blessed me in numerous ways. God has blessed me!


IMG_6945 - Copy - Copy


IMG_6946 - Copy



May your Sabbath be blessed with worship to our Father…and peace.

Ladies Only, Please.

I’m not stupid enough to think I can post something on here for only ladies.


Here’s the deal.

Yesterday I wrote a long, scary blog post. It’s about money. And a breakdown of emotions and soul. And what God’s doing.

I’m not posting it.

But any *ladies* who would like to read it, please comment or email me or let me know somehow. Along with your email address.

On a different note, it’s 68 degrees in our house this morning. For us, that is cold. The kids and I are mumbling around and wrapping in blankets. Cold always has the same effect on me. I don’t want to move.

We still have several weeks of work on the heater until it’s ready to fire up. Unless Craig is able to take off work a little more. He’s considering getting up early to work on it mornings before going to his job, and then working evenings until late. If so, you can pray as much for me as for him. :) Doing 100% of the kid work every day has a certain effect on me. :)

Last evening Steve and Dorcas Stutzman family had an evening of music, praise, and worship at our church. It was an incredible blessing.



I know…I have been delinquent. But there are reasons. :) Three primary reasons.

1. With the work on the heater, it has been too dusty to keep the computer on it’s customary, distress-painted, black desk. And so it’s been floating about the house. And I feel disoriented. And so I haven’t blogged.

2. I have developed some bad varicose veins just behind and below my knee. This means that sitting for long moments can be painful, as bending my knee is not good for them. These veins have been my nemesis this pregnancy. I am now feeling so good! I am energetic. I am inspired! But then my 34 year old veins decide I’m too old to be pregnant (or something), and they give me problems. I never had this before…even while carrying twins. So yes, I gave in and bought some compression thigh highs. Anyone who knows me well, knows the depth of my dislike for any sort of nylon stockings. And so, needing to wear these things for 4-5 months, every day, is enough to make me crawl the walls. Crazier than normal. Unhappy, in an understatement. And yet, I love my baby…more and more…and I will wear compression stockings and smile. :) :) I did order some with open toes, so then at least I will have my toes back!

3. Our fantastic camera is dying the death. Either that, or we need new batteries. We really didn’t think it was the batteries, so we were in despair. We do not want to lose this slice of our life in photos, especially with building the Masonry Heater! And every spare and not spare cent is going into the heater, so no new camera coming up. We decided to order good batteries and just make sure that is not the problem. So pray. :) Because although this is not an iphone, and it is not a jazzy, complicated camera, it takes very good pictures. And we love it dearly. :)

So there are my main three reasons that I have been sadly lacking in blogging power. There are more…

1. I have been sewing. Anyone who knows me well knows that I do not enjoy sewing. But I was having a hard time finding winter maternity wear that I liked and was in my price range. So I ordered some fabric, more was given to me, and I settled in for an entire new wardrobe. A month or two later, I have it. I am very, very happy. Comfort. Not heffalumpy. Kind of pretty. I love this wardrobe! And the cool thing is, at least the dress part I can turn into skirts for next winter. For you seamstresses out there, here is what I did.

I cut the sleeves off of t-shirts that had nice, small neck holes. Then I cut the lower half off the t-shirts. I used some of those lower halves to lengthen sleeves on short sleeved maternity blouses. The skirt part I made two different ways:

A. I started out with a normal skirt pattern. I cut it taller than for a normal skirt. I put darts in until it fit onto the t-shirt top I had ready. But at the waist, I added a half circle of stretchy fabric. This gives me a nice, large bubble of fabric that on most of the dress things, will last through the 9th month.

B. I cut a normal skirt, only more narrow because for this one, I didn’t add darts.. The back I cut taller, to come up to the t-shirt I had cut short. The front I cut to stop below my tummy. I took a large rectangle of stretchy fabric and gathered it on all four sides to fit into the tummy space of the dress.

I liked both ways. There are pros and cons for each. This, by the way, once you have your pattern down, takes very little time. The darts gave me some fits, but otherwise, very simple.

For my maternity blouses, I made several with a pattern my sister gave me. Most of them I sewed into peasant blouses. I made the sleeves long enough to keep me warm this winter. I made all but one blouse and one skirt out of warm, stretchy, comfy fabric. So there are the details for any curious seamstresses.

This all sounds simple. :) Laugh. Because it wasn’t. There was an enormous amount of trial and error. An enormous amount of groaning. And by the end…I admit…some words would escape that should not be heard around here. My very last blouse went together like a dream. :) My very last skirt didn’t. But in the end, with enough tweaking and fixing, I love this wardrobe. So that, I suppose, is what counts.


This morning I got up. I felt very happy. I felt as though several tons of bricks had fallen from my aching back. I fixed some clothes for the twins. I copied a pattern, as I may be sewing a summer blouse wardrobe come spring. (Do NOT mention that to me, though!) And then, officially done, I cleaned my purple room and put it back together.

IMG_6895 IMG_6896 IMG_6897

Notice the small computer station, with even a little ledge to slightly elevate my feet. :)

2. I have been doing apples. At $10/bushel, how can one go wrong? I ordered three bushels. And now I want to say those other words at the sight of them. I am weary of doing apples every day! But at the same time, I am very grateful for them. Our favorite apple product (besides apple crisp), is apple chips, so I keep the dehydrator running. It’s small, so it takes about a dozen apples every day. I’ve also been doing applesauce to keep up with the ripening ones. I still have about a 3/4 box to go. :)

IMG_6851 IMG_6876 IMG_6878 IMG_6880 IMG_6892

I made the cake for the mom’s night out party with my vbac group. It is mostly made of eggs, (8 of them), almond meal, and honey. We had such a lovely evening! I took the twins with me, and they thought a pj party was awesome. We all sat around, talked about babies and birth stories, and did jamberry nails. These ladies are lovely. I am grateful for new friends!

IMG_6893 IMG_6894

3. The Masonry Heater Saga Continues.

I’ll be honest, I’ve had moments of temptation to hate the guts of the heater. But I just can’t. :) We are so excited about it! It’s one of our dreams to build our own heater, and it’s coming true! The down sides? It takes nearly every minute of Craig’s time. He comes home from work, eats, and hits the heater. Saturdays are big heater days. I am not used to this! My husband spends time with his wife and children! He sits down, and we talk…we go on walks…he helps me with dishes…he helps me train the kids in the evenings…he plays ball with Bomani. But all that is up to me right now. And I’m squeaking under it. But lest I overstate my case, he does still help me with some of that! :) The other thing is, it’s taking money to build it. A fraction of the cost of buying one. But still–money. So we scrimp and we save, and I buy bits of food at the supermarket.


Ahhh. Sometimes it just feels good to complain. :)

But! Let me catch you up in pictures on the heater saga!


So, not only did the mud floor crack, but the twins had a heyday on it one evening while I was sewing and Craig was occupied outside. They danced around on the still damp mud, and scratched gleefully with their little fingers. :) But Craig repaired it, and it’s now a super, solid floor.


Here he was working on sizing and counting to know how many firebrick to buy.

IMG_6844 IMG_6846

Firebrick! These high quality bricks you need to use for the firebox and oven part of the heater. This was a pre-run outside.


And now the real building begins!!!

IMG_6860 IMG_6861 IMG_6863 IMG_6864 IMG_6865 IMG_6866 IMG_6869 IMG_6872 IMG_6882 IMG_6883

The exact precision that is necessary for this part of the heater blows my mind. If Craig were not such a super careful, expert builder… But he is!

IMG_6884 IMG_6885 IMG_6888 IMG_6890

The above picture is going to be the floor of our oven, where we will bake. :) The groove is made for a metal air intake pipe, which Craig is welding and creating out of scraps. Have I mentioned that he is amazing?


And that is the…okay. I forget the name for it. :) But this is opposite the fire box door, where air will circulate out into the rest of the heater.

If anyone has burning curiosity, call Craig. He knows what he’s doing. I’m learning as he goes. :)

And yes…I still have kids.


She is playing basketball. :)

IMG_6852 IMG_6854 IMG_6856

They are fishing.

IMG_6859 IMG_6868 IMG_6887



I Chronicles 16…

David appointed some of the Levites to be ministers before the ark of the Lord, to celebrate the Lord God of Israel, and to give thanks and praise to Him.

He appointed some to play harps, lyres, cymbals, and others trumpets. Every day. He decreed that thanks be given to the Lord by a certain group of people.

For His faithful love endures forever.

I am thoughtful. Every day…God was lifted up, thanked, and blessed by this group of people.

What does this mean for me today…?